Session 26 Elizabeth is missing or Mommie Dearest

Session 26 Oct 22

I was reviewing the tapes when Payden came in and told me that she had an idea to not only have a recording studio but someplace we could create videos too.  Then we could play them at the club.  Later the whole coterie met and decided to catch a bite to eat then we would go looking for little lost Renee.  As I was starting to head out a calendar reminder popped up saying to go the Meadows and talk to someone about the Zombie Problem.

We all met up again at our club and went to Warren’s office. He told us about a meeting between the Bishop Steele and an unknown person that Warren has been trying to ID. Warren said that he has been tracking Steele’s movements and warned us of a possible Lancea Sanctum entanglement.

Logan said that Brookside Park is seeing Renee activity and that there were children disappearing in the area.  Warren suggested we use Paulo as a stalking horse have Payden  and perhaps Logan nearby and Shade too of course. While Warren, the Lads and I would be staying toasty warm in the car in a nearby parking lot ready to assist. Surprisingly the others went for his plan, so Paulo, Logan, Shade, and Payden went to check out the park. While Warren and I drove next to the park and waited.  Paulo surprised a couple of High school girls drinking illegally in the park.  They ran like scared rabbits all the while talking about rape and their lost booze. I saw them as they ran by and heard them on our coms.  We talked about leaving but Warren said that we had only been here a couple of hours and that it might take many nights.

Paulo walked around the woods longer and came upon a group of “Ghost Hunters”.  Paulo spoke and one of them took off, then some more ran but it was hard to tell what was going on just listening over the comm. Paulo and Logan spoke to one of them I am guessing a Kindred by the conversation. That pretty much wrapped up that part of the evening.

We got back to Trinity and Elizabeth wasn’t there and no one could find her we called around and no one knew where she was, I checked the cameras and found out when she left. Then we got lucky and Warren found someone that was part of the group that took her. He got him to talk and we eventually headed to the warehouse that Warren had wanted us to go to earlier.  We threw the guy we caught, Tony, off of the car. I don’t remember how he got on the car right now but I remember that we had been speeding up then Warren stopped quickly to help him on his way. He was on the roof at the time and when Warren stopped quickly he went sailing. When we got to the warehouse 10 gunmen were waiting for us. Warren just started walked toward them like was a sponge going to suck up bullets. Then Paulo ran past and Logan appeared out of nowhere and I slid over and gunned the car into them.  I got two and got out of the car. I got hit right away, thank you bullet proof vest. It was going to leave a bruise but I would be ok.   Paulo took one out and Logan started attacking. Paulo and Logan were dropping gunmen left and right.  I got hit again but I didn’t feel it as much, then I hit one about has hard as they hit me except I don’t think he had a vest on.  Meanwhile, Warren just walked calmly into the warehouse past the gunman and not one fired at him. I guess we were the lead sponges that night.

Warren came out of the warehouse about the time it was lit up like sunlight, because of the blazing orb in the warehouse. I am guessing some sort of secret government flare stolen from ISU either that or magic. (snicker) We kept whittling the gunmen down until there were only three left. Warren came and told one guy to put his gun down and he did. I looked one in the eye and told him to flee. He and another guy took off. I think it was like the herd instinct or maybe self-preservation.  We only had about ½ an hour left before the sun came up and the cops were crawling all over us so we drove home. I called Shade and Payton because they weren’t home. Shade answered and said they were in one of the safe houses.

So I woke up and reviewed the tapes, and checked the news, listened to messages then went to find the others.  I received a packed, a black basket wrapped in black cellophane, containing a bottle almost covered in red wax with a note signed Z. “This is to thank you for the other night.  Please don’t chastise your staff for allowing me access toy our stock. You might recognize the vintage but this one has a little more kick.” I think I will let this one age a long, long time or wait until Eric and the Duke are here and present it to him.

Warren approached me about warning Stephanie to travel in pairs and maybe going armed. Warren was talking about going after the Bishop. Payden and Shade came in and caught the last bit and asked where Paulo was and if he was going to help get his woman back. We all went out hunting something special to eat. I got lucky and soon had all my energy back. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Warren suggested I go to court and check out Bishop Steele there, to find out who, if anyone, is sponsoring him and might be angry if I took exception to him taking a member of my household. I also wanted to tell the Duke about the reappearance of the red dust.

Driving to the Succubus Club, I was T-boned again by someone in a convertible. A man was driving three women, who sailed out of the car because they weren’t wearing seat belts; so buckle up kids and be safe out there.  It turned out to me my sire, who had a desire to get reacquainted. I tried to calm the driver down and he tried to do something to me and we both failed. He shot himself in the head when I said that they would get him another convertible.  I guess he really didn’t want one. The other three were Camilla, Percilla and Brucilla and the driver was Calvin.

Warren and the others picked me up and the cops let me go, they dropped me off at the Succubus Club. I told them I would get a cab home. They asked if I were going to tell people my sire was in town and talked pros and cons. Then I went inside and told the sheriff’s representative about the reappearance of the red dust.

I also requested an appointment with the Duke with the lowest possible urgency. I then went around the room and started find out what I could about Bishop Steele. Someone said, “That would be Rufus Meaks’ prize project.” Steele is influential in the Catholic Church, which makes Meaks important because of his control of Steele. According to my contacts at court, Steele has been gifted by Meaks with certain knowledge and insights. Part of Steeles influence is the good pool of recruitment finding the worst sinners. Steele is high in Meaks’ stable of influential humans. I texted Warren to let him know Steele’s connection with the Lancea Sanctum and his Handler Rufus Meaks, an influential member of that group. Bishop Jonathan Rice, a Ventrue, is the current leader of the local Lancea Sanctum.

Exp 10.

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