Session 25 New Hires or the Secret formula

Session 25 Sept 17, 2011

I woke up and was reviewing the tapes and Payden came in and wanted to talk about being the talent scout and where Cassie’s band was going. Basically what plans were going into the future, I had said that originally and we intended to have them play every other week but now there are complications.

I called Warren to let him know that there might be some younger kindred showing up looking for jobs but he didn’t answer his phone. He called back in a little bit.

He said that some were already there, Jack handsome/doorman, Tom quite/curly hair/bartender, and Robert/funny/bartender sire has met final death. They seemed really new. Warren also said that Logan was out searching for the child vampire.

I headed to court and spent some time pressing the flesh and spreading the word about ashes. Then I got a call from Warrant that Logan, had found the little girl.  I hadn’t even reached Ankeny when I got another call that said the Hounds were there that they had some child kindred in custody and that they were heading back to the mansion.

By the time I got home, they had cleaned up and were ready to head back to the club. When I got there I was introduced to the new kindred hires.  Payden called her people and had them come in for an audition. She said the band members were college kids that she met while she was in school.  I recognized one of the electric violinists. He was the one that played in the sex club that we found Payden in when she had been brainwashed. They sounded good, so we said to make a contract, sign them up, and work out scheduling. Warren had an idea for steamed blood using something like a cappuccino machine.  I said if it doesn’t work then we can try heating up the Van-Fulk blood wine and making a hot toddy.

Russell, a friend of Payden that she introduced me to, said that maybe we should somehow get the place accorded neutral ground status. I called Warren and he thought it was an idea worth pursuing. He said he would talk to Shadow Gate if I would tackle the Duke. And I agreed to give it a go.

I contacted the Seneschal and asked for a meeting with the Duke, just a meeting when ever he had time no importance. A little bit later, I heard a phone alert go off and then the Duke appeared at the top of the stairs. I invited him down to the underground to have a drink of the special stuff and Eric accepted for him. When we got down there we found Warren still there experimenting.  I invited the Duke to a table and Eric said he would make the drinks. I broached the topic of neutral ground and making accords and contacting Shadow-gate.  The duke thought it was a good idea at least worth exploring.  Then Eric got there with the drinks. It was 3 parts EEE and 2 parts Sweet and 1 part H laced.  Warren, bless his still beating heart, discovered that it was better heated up.

The Duke ordered me to drink so I kept sipping. It seemed to hit the others really hard but not me I was able to keep control. (Actually I was bombed out of my gourd but I didn’t find that out until later.  They said I was hitting on the new help but I wasn’t trying to do that).  Anyway we all made it home. And I left a note for Stephanie to have the house cleaned. I was just too tired to stay up. The Duke and Eric came home with us. Warren spent the night the club.

(10 Exp)

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