Session 24 Velvet opening or a severed hand

Session 24 Aug 20, 2011

We were just starting Queen of the Dammed on the big screen when I saw Paulo with Elizabeth. He kissed Elizabeth good night and then started wandering around looking fairly nonplussed.  We told him that the Upari was dead but there are lots of little babies running around.   Paulo stripped down to his boxers and got into the hot tub with Payden and Charion.  Charion got out and wandered over to me. I was playing bartender. I told him all I have was alcohol but he was welcome to anything from the bar. I was wandering around playing host but mostly staying behind the bar.

The next night Paulo was showing Warren and Payton some copy of an old picture that he was researching. I took a look at it but all I could tell was old and church Latin.

Later that night, I got to know the hounds that were assigned to help police the club.  I also made it a point to get to know Stephanie Louden.  She believes in vampires and the supernatural, is a Goth Girl, and the boldest thing she ever done was go to the ancient sub-culture class, a small success.

On other fronts things coming together as well: watching out for Payden- check; Velvet Underground ready – check, The sneak peek private party and special vintage sampling Party – Check, Guest List so far includes: Duke Victor, Eric Zevrain, Sonja, Caspian, Devon Syn, Club Neighbors and Kindred Spirits in the Ames area Check.

When I told Paulo about the party, he said that it sounded volatile … he was in.  I told Logan. He sort of grunted and said that’s fine we will be there.

I spent more time getting to know the local hounds, Stephanie, and the geek squad.

The night of the party, I made sure that I was on-hand when the Duke arrived.  He showed up with Eric. I tried to keep my eyes out for arrivals and to make sure everyone was having a good time.  I decided not to take Stephanie. I hopped this would cause issues and interest. The evening was a success. We got some requests. Payden showed up and paid her respects but didn’t stay long. Paulo left early and later a package came for him.

Around Three AM the duke went home. I eventually made it home it home and opened the package for Paulo when he said it was ok. I know I shouldn’t have but all I could think of was that it was a bomb or something and my curiosity got the best of me. It was a human child’s hand. I knocked on Paulo’s door again and told him it was a severed human child’s hand and it could probably wait until tomorrow. Since he didn’t come out or seem alarmed I guessed it was an Italian thing. There was a note inside written in blood “Come play with me.” I saw Payden come in around 4 and I went to bed.

The next night we started looking for who the hand belonged too and what we can do about Renee. Since that’s who we think sent it.  Gillian came in with an envelope and Warren left the room. He came in looking paler than normal and told us what was on the disk. He said we really didn’t want to watch it, children sexually molesting other children and a blur and lots or blood and a blur at the end. I am not sure why the film company would show the sex stuff but blur out the murderer, I suppose it’s to protect their identity so they can’t be prosecuted. I mean why else would they be blurred out.

I contacted the Ames hounds and warned them that she was in the area. I then made an appointment with the Duke, so Paulo could tell him what was going on. The Duke said to eliminate them, her and any that she has touched.  We went back to the house and tried to think about how to catch her.

Warren called later and said that a little boy kindred quite powerful and with that old feeling had been spotted by him watching the club. Later, he called us again and said that Devon and Cynder had contacted us about a rabid wolf pack was in the Ames area and asked us for some help. There were about ten of them and it took a while but we put them all down. They were piled up and we lit them on fire. We were sort of pumped from the combat. Payden said she was going for a walk.  I looked around and Logan was gone too.

Fredrick Lion’s old car was found with drugs in the wood after battle. I know it was his car because the registration was in the glove compartment. I found the car when I followed Payden.  I caught up to her as he was standing by the car, she said that she wanted to be alone and get some peace. I offered to have a jam session when she got home then  I went back to rummaging in the car and see if it was someone that I needed to worry about and maybe take the drugs since I hate waste, which was when I found out whose car it was and that I didn’t have a clue if he was anyone important.  Payden called and said that the drugs belonged to someone. So I said that I would leave them. I asked if she needed anything and she said a new shirt and to surprise her. So I left and headed back home.

I was playing Piano in the music room, when Payden got home at 4. I gave her the new shirt and told her that she could use the master bath anytime she wanted. I heard “I love this tub” and went back to playing for a while, then went to bed.

The next night, Payden came on the intercom to say that Logan was Laughing. I came back to say that Cassie said he does that a lot and he is a regular chatter box.

Stephanie and I had a talk about her not being invited to the party and I extended the invitation for her to have her own party.  I invited her to ride to the club with me if she wanted to and made sure we made an entrance. We went to Ashes and for a bit and then I heard something different from upstairs. I went up to see what was going on and saw Payden. I stopped her at the bottom of the stairs and asked her to perform some more and perhaps take over the booking of the bands. Warren came down and asked if anyone could get in on the conversation.  I later apologized for asking her with out clearing it with the board but he understood.  Then Payden did a cage dance that made me call security to greet her at the bottom when the cage was lowered down just so she didn’t get mobbed. When she got back up stairs I whispered in her ear that if she wasn’t already living with me I would try and take her home. Then she went over to some guy dressed-up like the Marlboro Man without the hat.   She took him out and down to the Underground and I lost track of her for a while after that. I did see her wave when she left the club but that was the last I saw of her that night. I did catch them on TV back at the estate when I checked the tapes the next morning.

I had a talk with everyone the next morning and told them about the four safe houses that I set up in different parts of the Des Moines Metro in case they ever need to beat the sun of needed a safe place to stay in a pinch.

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