Session 23 Off to London or Upari Lair

Session 23 Aug 6, 2011

When I woke up the next morning the Belfast safe house was empty, no Warren, no Rose so the first thing I did was call Warren to see what our plans were for the evening.  Eric answered the phone, at first I didn’t recognize the voice. I asked if Warren was hanging around someplace and could I talk to him. He put Warren on and we talked and he said he would call back later, at least I knew he was safe.

Last night Payden had said that she knew someone who could help and we were given a location to go to in London. So when Shade came bouncing in saying they had gotten everything arranged for tomorrow night. I wasn’t surprised. She said, “You have permission as long as you are in and out.”  Shade also said Payton plans to go back with us so we will all go home together. I seemed to remember Payden saying something about having to go back for things to happen.  Shade and I talked for a while about hot things and scary smiles.

I then called Warren to confirm plans but they were still up in the air. I told him about the London meeting and Payden going back to the states with us, then rang off to wait for events to happen, the wheels are in motion.

Payden took us on a tour of Belfast. We saw where the body of the monk from Paulo’s story was found, the place where Logan had his little life threatening accident, and then she took us to the Lupine fields the place were wolves hunt. I said I would wait in the van. After that she took us to her father’s favorite pub. He wasn’t there. We sat and drank and she told us about the time her mother punched the lights out of a TV because she wanted something inside. We had a good time and saw a lot of sights.

The next night when our boat pulled up to the dock, we found a man waiting for us.  He was about 22 and from the way Payden was looking at him highly attractive.   Dressed all in black with the whitest hair I have ever seen.  He helped Payden and Rose out of the boat and asked us if we needed an assist. Warren and I declined but Eric was assisted because he had instructions from someone else who wanted him to be assisted. The man with the white hair was introduced as Dante.  When we got to the waiting car, he introduced us to his Sire Ezriel. She seemed to deduce that I was of the Invictus faction. She admired Warren like a fine work of art. We talked for a little bit and then we left for our meeting.

We were given an address and I punched them in to a GPS. Dante said, “That won’t get you there, it’s in the underground. People go there because they don’t want to be found.” It took us 3.4 hours to find our contact in the underground.  We found out why people don’t want to go down here. We had encounters with 5 different groups. Our contact was an old man, who we later found out was Kensington as we talked to him.  He seemed to know about the Upari.  The Upari had been looking for a something to bear its child. We need to find out how to find the bone of the first victim.  Kensington said that we had to pass three, tests and took Warren away for the test of faith. After 5 hours as Dawn started to approach, I went to look for Warren and Kensington to see if something had happened.

I found a chasm and saw Warren come running and run across mid-air and leap up and try and get through the door that was slowly closing.  I braced my blade against the door and by focusing my energy and will I managed to slow the door and pull Warren though as the door slid closed.  It was almost like the movie cliffhanger.

We made it out and got to the docks. Ezriel and Dante were waiting. They left and we made our way back to Belfast.  We made our plans. Payden’s parents and friends threw her a going away party.

I called Stephanie and arranged for Paulo and Logan to know when we would be coming and where. When we got in the Duke was there to greet us as well as Charion and Dar.

We knelt and bowed.  Eric sauntered off and knelt was allowed to rise and took his place at the Duke’s right.   Then Shade bounded off the plane and crashed into a rolling tumble with her brothers. Then Payden came off and knelt before the Duke and asked permission to stay in the city. Which he granted, then she went over to Logan to ask for forgiveness as she knelt before him. Formalities over, the Duke and his entourage left and so did we.

We got into the Humvee stretch-limo and drove home to the mansion.   When we got there Payden gave Logan an envelope and told him to read it.  Stephanie Louden and I had a nice talk about upgrades and refurbishing the mansion.  Maybe a Pool and a guest house were we could move the girls to and free up some space in the Mansion.

Later, Warren and I went to the entertainment room and used the big screen as a giant computer monitor. We updated the maps with all our notes and Paulo’s notes. We found some things in Paulo’s notes about Professor Roberts, an upstanding Professor that lately has been giving his students the creeps when he looks at them. Grayson Myers never actually taught the sub-cultures class at the university although he was sponsor for the subculture club.  I broke into his ISU account and I found out that he just returned from taking the students on a study abroad program back to his home in Italy.  Roberts is on sabbatical and therefore not really teaching right now. I got his address, a cul-de-sac called Preston Way off Stange.

We broke into the house. Made our way to the basement and Logan found a hole in the wall hidden by a freezer. We followed a tunnel to the maze. We wandered the maze and found the missing vampires and five zombie Guards. The guards fell fast. We released the captive vampires and told them to flee and tell their sires that the Duke’s men freed them.   We found the Upari and we eventually killed it. Logan was almost dead. Warren was almost dead, suddenly he and Payden started going at each other. I think it was something the Upari had done before we killed it but I don’t know.

We went upstairs. Shade got something to eat. Logan and Shade went outside to sit on the step.  I called Rose but Odin answered and I told him that everyone was ok. He told me that Rose and Cassie were not doing well. When Warren came upstairs I told him how Rose was doing and everyone else went to the club. Warren called and told me that the Duke wanted me to liaison with Shadow-Gate and write up a report.  I called Shadow-Gate and gave them the location of the Upari’s lair. They showed up in force. I asked for the Upari’s body to ship to Fiona. I called Eric and got a contact number for someone in Belfast.  I called and asked for an address. I then addressed the crate for shipment.    I wrote up what happened and turned it in to the Duke. He gave me some blood laced with E… so I went to the club. I found Payton and told her how glad I was she was back and what the Duke had given me I think I slapped Shade on the ass as I left and went to find Sara and Morgan. It turned out to be a good night.  I was still a little hung over or feeling the E. when Stephanie brought the plans to me, I told her she looked good. We talked about the plans, and then I told her that the monster that had been stalking her was apprehended, but did not survive the apprehension. I asked her if she wanted to stay. She said she did. So I told her that Jillian’s job was going to be changing and that might open some opportunity for her. After her interview, I was walking to my room when I was seduced by the dulcet tones of a saxophone.  So I went and played piano for a little bit.

A pool party started and I announced burgers and pizza by the pool. Warren was serving alcohol. Stephanie came by and I asked her if was going to go to the pool or did she want to go out. She opted to go out. Not sure where we were gong to go on a Sunday but I wanted to get to know her a little better.  We hit some places and Logan got a bite to eat, when we got back the party was still going so I suggested a movie fest and we started with Queen of the Damned. I have decided to start feeling Stephanie out to see if she would be a good ghoul. I shall only take her to level three at first. That should give us 10 years while we see if we are suitable.

10 Exp.

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