Session 22 What the heck is an Upari or Belfast or bust

Session 22 July 23, 2011

Did you know that an Upari rejuvenates by eating supernatural creatures.

Sir Kensington   Order of St. Martin – kindred Mercenaries – attached to the Invictus. Location:  somewhere in Europe.

Sir Kensington is reported to have some knowledge of the Upari. A meeting has been arranged for Brookside park @ 10 with Frederick Barrens.

Logan came home with Mrs. Logan Sullivan, aka Cassie from the band. She was greeted warmly but Logan was roasted.  Cassie was given the grand tour of the house.  Then everyone jumped into someone’s arms and went to bed.

We woke up and had a talk with the girls then they went to bed it seems they had a long day. I texted Shade about the marriage and gave her all the gory details. By 10, we were in the park waiting by the old bridge, someone that looked really punk with tattoos came out of the shadows. Warren started talking and the person stopped him and asked for me. I said that in this matter Warren spoke with my voice. Warren told him with whom we wished to talk. The guy asked if that was all.  Later he contacted Warren and gave him an email address for someone named Dietrich. Warren sent off an email and copied me in on it. In it he told of the Upari and who we needed to talk to…He got an email back from Dietrich asking where and when we would be arriving in London.

I texted back and forth with Shade and told her of our going to Europe.  Then I went to the meeting with the Duke and he recommended that we travel through Dublin since we were already had ties with them and a man in place. He would contact Eric and have him make arrangements. I got an email from Eric with our Itinerary and flight path.

Before I left I contracted Stephanie Louden to fix my house and install things as a test run with a view to hire her full time. At the very least she will be there and hopefully safe, earning a little money for her inconvenience. At the best she will want to stay and I have found my Majordomo.

We were greeted by the sheriff of Belfast, Shawn Thornton, and Eric was there also we got into cars and soon arrived with our luggage at the Belfast Elysium. We even had a two person motorcycle escort. We meet with Fiona, the Queen/Prince of Belfast, got an offer for the Upari alive or dead and a warning about mages and doing our homework if we had to deal with them. Afterward I sent a text saying to Shade saying we are in Belfast and met the Queen.

Shade met us at the door of the cottage the Queen assigned to us to take us out. She drives like a 16 year old maniac.  We went to several clubs and then I saw Payden I danced over to her and waved then danced off the Dance floor. Shade gave me a pass to the second floor. So I went and a hand appeared with a glass saying it was a Sweet tooth it was Payden. We talked for a while and she steered me to a Red-headed Girl and gave me a drink called sweet ecstasy. Payton helped with the introduction and ordered her a drink. We went out onto the dance floor. I seduced her and she took me back to her place.

We had a good time and eventually I made my way back to the bar. I linked back up with the others and when it was time to head out Eric told me to go on ahead because Warren and Rose weren’t going to make it back to the safe house so Shade and I left and went back alone.


Exp 10.

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