Session 21 Stephanie Louden or Sir Kensington

Session 21 July 9, 2011

Just as we were done searching the Professor’s house, Warren’s phone went off and he started whispering into it. He hung up in a little bit and said that it was Shadow Gate they are busy with something and they wanted us to take the girl, Stephanie Louden, back and finish up the research they stared.

We got to the bar and found Stephanie bound and unconscious in Warren’s office, along with a list of books we might need to help our research.   Warren called Jillian to come get the girl and keep her safe.  I extended an offer to take her into my home if she so wished and didn’t feel safe going back to her home. Warren called the boys and asked them to come and stand guard until morning.  I called the Seneschal to set up a non-critical appointment with the duke about a matter he is having us look into. We headed home, around 5 AM Logan showed up at the house.

When I arose the next night, I received a message saying that my appointment with the Duke would be an hour after sunset. I sent a mass text to the others phones letting them know and only Warren seemed to want to go.

I noticed Stephanie wandering around looking lost so I talk to her over the intercom and directed her to my office.  She gave me the weekly list of house repairs. We talked for a bit and I ended up offering her a job.

A little bit latter Warren comm’ed me to say that the church had a lead on some of the books so he would not attend the meeting. So I went off to see the Duke alone. Logan was off doing ummm something important and Paulo was researching the university stacks.

I went to the Duke and he sent me to the Librarian, to try and see if he knew of or could acquire the books on the list. It was pretty much a bust of 2 hours but I can now say that I have met the reclusive Librarian. He told me to contact Warren Brody.

I sent Warren the following text, “ Warren Great news … your fame is spreading. the Librarian of all people told me to contact you for investigation… he said the Duke favored you…. you may get a lot more business in the future. Other than that the Duke is in the loop and not much help here.”

He sent back, “Hm. That might be good news, if we actually get a paying client for a change.”  Warren asked me to research the Vampires that were killed, to check their sires and covenant affiliations if any. Connie “Mercy” Mercies, Carolyn Sanders and Roy Brown had not been presented yet but were on the schedule…Names and Clans…Sires are younger themselves but all of them were important to vampires involved. One was terminally ill.

Our research and contacts turned up the following name: Sir Kensington, who is a part of the order of Saint Martin and a member of the Invictus and may have information related to this. Part of what we have learned is that the only thing that can harm the creature is the bone of the 1st victim soaked in the blood of the victim. We believe he is located somewhere in Europe.  Frederick Barrens the local head of the cell of the order of Saint Martin. I contacted the Seneschal and asked her to arrange a meeting with Frederick at his convenience.

Warren called again and asked me to head home he has some things he wanted to share.

10 exp.

Upari – Research and keeping Stephanie safe.

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