Session 20 Paulo’s storytime or Handy Dandy notebook

Session 20 June 25, 2011

I have been going over something in my head from shortly after I heard about Leticia’s memories being opened and I am hoping writing it down will help me remember something that I think I should remember hopefully this will help.

I got a call from Paulo asking for a meeting of our friends saying it had to do with the Survival of the group. He is always so melodramatic, I think it’s his Italian blood but that might be stereotyping. Anyway I agreed to call everyone together and see what he thought was so important.

Paulo wanted to tell us some story from the history he teaches from the time of his youth. OK he is not that old but he did make it come to life. The story was about 2 factions called the Brood and Kindred, and their war. As told from the eyes of two people that lived at that time, a monk named Paulo, (ok I can see why the story caught his attention) and a woman named Leticia, who were on opposite sides. “One called Nero, the leader of the Brood, sired Leticia. Leonardo, a solider on the side the Kindred, sired me (Brother Paulo). I chose to fight on the side of the Kindred and fight the Brood. This is our story. “

After many years he was severely wounded in a foreign land, torped and buried. They intended to come back for his body later. I am guessing to take him home and bury him again. Not sure what torped means to the old Italians and Professor Paulo didn’t go into it. He did say that Paulo was considered an immaculate and carried around as a Saint for awhile. From context I am guessing it means died.

The story from Leticia’s standpoint is much weirder. Apparently, Leticia lost her memory and some mysterious person that I call the Melvyn helped her regain her regain them. With Melvyn’s help, Leticia was able to recall her life. Her Sire Nero had a substance to turn a vampire, (what a strange turn of phrase they had back then maybe it refers to some disease) into a human for awhile.  Leticia was tired of the war and Nero’s empty promises. So she stole this substance and left, she is as you have guessed. She drank the magic potion changed from a vampire into a real girl. I don’t know if the potion caused her memory loss or if something else happened.  Renee, also part of Nero’s group, knew of Leticia’s existence and was trying to find her. We do not know if she was still associated with Nero or what drives her to search Leticia with such ardor. It could be revenge for being left behind when Leticia left Nero, or maybe she is a true believer and shares Nero’s goals, or she may want the substance for herself. The story doesn’t say. Leonardo also knew of the substance and to the best of her knowledge has the last of it, according to the story, so at some point in the story Leticia must have contacted Paulo’s sire and offered the potion to him, but it’s all speculation now.  Who knows what has happened or been researched in 650 years. Maybe someone has rediscovered the secret of this miracle creation or maybe it’s all gone.

I am not sure what this has to do with Elizabeth just not seeing the connection. 🙂

But the upshot is Elizabeth is going to stay in the east wing in Gillian’s old room. Her badge will have heightened clearance to allow her to move about the main house.

I have been keeping in contact with Logan via text and he has been texting back. Not sure what he is doing but at least he is ok so far.

So back to Saturday night the night of our grand opening weekend, I gave the Keepers child, Arcasia, a Galloy, his badge.  Rose was dancing in the visitor cage and she had gathered quite a following and seemed to be having a good time. I noticed Sonja coming in with James and she was met by Warren. They went upstairs. James shortly came down and went to the bar and got a drink.

I saw Paulo baring his VteethV at someone and met Logan coming up the stairs and handed him a com and told him there maybe trouble.

I finally got to Paulo and asked what was going on… he said nothing and I told him to put his dam com in and walked away. I think I was a little highstrung and tense that night wanting everything to go well.

I eventually caught Elizabeth’s eye and motioned her upstairs I was hoping they would bring their little play, upstairs.  I met Sondra and introduced her to Elizabeth as Paulo’s girlfriend hinting that she was some level of ghoul servant. No trouble really arose the first night and when the bar closed. I linked up with Sara and Morgan and had the greatest sexual experience of my life.

Shadow-Gate called about 3 more bodies in the Ames Metro

Warren sent the boys and Rose/Jillian out to see what they could find.

When we woke, Warren found a note saying Do not disturb. So we don’t know what they found but I am guessing it took a while.

Case notes on the Shadow Gate joint investigation so far:

Connie “Mercy” Mercies, Carolyn Sanders, and Roy Brown were newer vampires.

Sandra Ferrel, Brandon Smith, Susan  Ricers,

The latest three victims Tracy Rey, Dan Stokes, Rebecca Conner.

Rebecca had swallowed a tiny vial/charm the contents of which were human blood belonging to Dan.   Dan and Rebecca weren’t killed last night but they are recent kills, more recent than Tracy.  Dan and Rebecca were students. Tracy was not a student, Susan and Sandra were Students.

Susan’s FB page has pictures of Brandon on it tagged …one picture on the page Talks about a Karri not showing up on the picture joke about Ghost in front of her.

One of her messages a comment about a class that they went to a night course talking with Rebecca. Rebecca responded we’ll talk about that in person no trace.

Dan listed as Rebecca’s boyfriend on her page. We got more information on students: and forwarded it to Shadow-Gate people on the way to the amphitheater.

Found one Stephanie Louden. I sent a text picture to Devon and Cinder appeared and went to examine the vial and declared it to be the same as the one previously discovered.

The charm on the vial looked like a triangle with circle inscribed and a leaf in the circle. The book she was reading was on sub-cultures, a possible link with the others.

We went to the professor Grayson Meyers’ house and found his place not secure, Warren found his lock undone. (after he picked it) so we went in… his place didn’t feel lived in. Saw something glinting and found an empty vial like the other one we found that night. Only this one had never been used.

Logan had a hot and heavy with Cassie at a place with fantasy suites in Des Moines.

10 exp

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