Session 19A Primals or “Thanks” for the Memories

I was reviewing the day’s tapes, when I saw Paulo walking in the front door, looking like he had been ridden hard and put up wet. One of the pups said, “you smell like sex.” And Paulo just grinned at him.

Warren called Cynder and Devon and set-up a time and place to meet. They decided on Trappers End at 10 P.M.. We asked if the boys wanted to get out of the house and go. They both did and we all set out so that we would be there on time. We arrived and saw a man sitting on a bench reading a book. Warren sent the dogs to investigate and the man calmly scratched Fang behind the ear. Then both dogs ran off. It was of course our contact.

The Shadow-gate team had been investigating the killings for about 2 weeks. All they had found so far was more bodies. They were the ones that supplied the Duke with the photos. I still don’t know how they got them because we as a rule are not photogenic. The bodies appeared mangled with pieces missing. I asked if all the victims were members of the para-community but they were still trying to identify all the victims. We asked about where the bodies of all the victims were found. Vampires were found near the arboretum. The shape-shifter was found near Emma McCarthy Park. The third was found near the gateway park. I got out a laptop and plotted all the locations that they had so far identified. The meeting broke up and we called the pups and went to feed.

Fang and Odin had their meeting with Marcus and seemed to have a nice walk and talk.
We later got a call from Terrence asking for another meeting with the boys but Marcus wanted Devon to be there. Warren asked why they wanted another meeting. After some hemming and hawing they agreed to have Devon call him.

Devon did and said they wanted to meet at Ledges to perform a ceremony to check something out that Marcus suspected. Once we got there they invited us to a ceremony and said if we talked about it we would be killed. I was going to sit it out when they boys didn’t care if I was there or not. But my Sire said, “We are going.” They set out some stones and I felt the power build and then they boys were told to shift. I saw crowns appear on the boys. Devon suddenly started glowing like a sun, markings appeared on his body, and he wasn’t really touching the ground anymore. In a bit the stones were gone and everything turned to normal. Marcus had large grin on his face that appeared out of place there. He said “There will come a time when you have questions and you can come to me and ask them.” We were told that they ceremony revealed their true nature, and that we were not to talk about it, and that’s why the penalty was so severe. They and their sister are primals. Which I am sure would have meant something if I were a Were or had a larger occult background. So what does that mean for us? It means they are originals and they come from the fey. They can not create more by biting. If they return to the Fey the will be very powerful. They change easier and it’s odd that they all manifested.

Later that evening, Paulo asked me to look into Elizabeth’s brain, I was willing to try but I did warn him of the consequences, part of me is eager to use my abilities and part of me keeps remembering Payden.
Warren and Fang broke a door off a closet for some reason and said that Odin would fix it because he is good with his hands then they took off in Warren’s car. I later found that they went to a club and linked up the werewolf girls. To this day I have no idea what the door was for or what they did with it.

While they were gone, I took Elizabeth into my office and after an hour and 10 minutes. I managed to help her memories surface. She sat there with a blank look on her face and then turned to Paulo and said something in Italian. I later translated it roughly it as “We are so screwed.”

Logan went to the University Library to do some research and learned about Uparie which we believe is the creature that .we are helping Shadow Gate find.

Next Game the 25th of June.
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