Smells like coffee or T-Boned again (Session 18)

May 14,2011

When I got up the next morning I discovered that Jillian had found some corruption in the contractor bids, having to do with the costs of materials that the contractors were charging me. She was being through and doing a good job. She showed me the figures and a list of cost with a mark up of what it should have been just as we were finishing up, Warren came in and asked if we smelled coffee. Jillian showed him her coffee cup.


I got a call, the Duke gave me half an hour to get to his office. I made it in 27. I was delayed by the assistant out front who wanted to know my business. But carrion was there and the assistant caved and said that I was never here and let me by. I don’t think it was a power as much as brute intimidation.

When I was finally shown into the Duke, he was passing back and forth holding his baseball bat.  The Duke threw a pile of 6 photographs in the table: two males and a female. I could tell that one of the males was a kindred, the other two I had no idea.  I asked, “where and when did these happen my lord.” And he said “We don’t know when, where, or who.  It is now the task of your cotrie to find who is doing this and report to me. Stop them and bring them before me if at all possible if it’s a kindred.”

Two of the bodies were found in Des Moines proper the other in the Ames area.


I left Elysium and called Warren, Logan, and Paulo.


I was on my way to Dulches Club to meet Warren when I was T-boned and driven off the road, by a van this time. I worked my way free and saw 2 vampires approaching. They were talking smack telling me how much more pain I was going to be in… telling me if I wanted to know why I should ask my friend. I knew I was going down if I couldn’t get my weapons… I couldn’t get my weapons so running seemed like the best bet…I was really hoping that they didn’t have celerity. Well they didn’t have celerity but one of them was faster then I was…. Well at least it wasn’t the guy with the shot gun.  They almost torpped me several times, luckily the police and ambulance arrived and they decided not to stick around. Eventually, I found my phone, which I had lost in the crash, and I called, well everyone, on a conference call.  I gave them all the information I had, just in case something else happened. I started looking for the information the Duke gave me. I found it about the time the guys got there to pick me up.  The medics wanted me to sign something before I left saying that I refused treatment. The I was taken home where I changed. We went to Dulches and fed, a band called Metric was playing. The lead singer was named Casie and the band was self managed.  She gave Warren a battered card with contact information on it. I think we found an act for the club when it opens.


Suddenly Warren was looking around and then he closed his eyes and well to make a long story short, its was like he had a waking wet dream. He went to the rest room to clean up, when he got back we tried to talk to him but he seemed lost in thought then he sent a text.

We decided to investigate a warehouse near one of the addresses to search for the Brood.

Warren said he was taking steps to ignore his distraction and we all sort of looked at him and headed to the warehouse.  Jillian showed up and pretty much sexually assaulted Warren. We left them to it and investigated the warehouse due to the banging sounds as we investigated. I am glad no one was in the warehouse. I later found out she was calling her self Rose. And her and Warren have some sort of link.

We went to the arboretum next and found a group of twenty or so kindered attacking two male figures. From the tattoos and markings we guessed that they were brood. I called for backup and prepared to watch a slaughter. Realistically, I figured that if we were lucky we would go unnoticed and maybe be able to pick off some stragglers. The brood attacked and they basically got their asses kicked by the two figures on the hill. We got the stragglers just like I had hoped to make things neat and tidy.  They gave us a card to give the duke, picked up one of the bodies and disappeared.  Carrion showed up about that time so told him what we had seen. We sent Fang home with Rose/Jillian and went to see the Duke. I gave him the card and he said his name and title and the card went up in flame.

It was a summons from Raveus Ashton head of the Shadow gate to the duke.

The duke said that they were probably after the body.  We went to the meeting with the Duke. Shadowgate looked like a large wooded area. I had never send the building that was there. We were shown to a large office and then into a private garden area, an atrium. It looked surreal and huge. The man we saw earlier was there. The duke bowed so I did too. The Duke called the skinny man we saw earlier Ashton. He pointed to us and called us by name. Then he  said “Victor, Victor no need to be so formal.” He showed us more pictures: Shapeshifters, vampires, fey, Mortal.  We were invited to a joint investigation. Devon and Cynder would be our liaisons. We had met them earlier when we rescued Payton. When Marcus the other man from the hill heard about the cubs he said he wanted to meet them. We told him that about how we had rescued them from the fight club and that we had tried to find them a pack earlier but were told that it wasn’t done that way. Our intention now is to teach them the skills to survive in the modern world and help them find jobs to support themselves. We were teaching one to be a mechanic, an other wanted to be a chief and so far the last one wanted to be a masseuse and pool boy for a group of college girls.

We set up a meeting for the cubs to meet Marcus Antares. I was a little confused about his name at first because Ashton called him broody so I called him Mister Broody. And he said to call him Sir so I called him Sir Broody and he told us his name. Ashton thought it was hilarious and Marcus just sort of gritted his teeth and look like he wanted to squeeze me to a pulp.

We were left to talk with Devon and Cynder. We exchanged contact information and left because we need to call Paulo and make sure he is aware of what is going on and safe.

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