Where are my keys or Payden goes home.(Session 15 )

April 02, 2011

I woke up and checked the tapes from the previous day then I got ready to head out for the evening and feed. Fang came by and asked if I would go to Warren’s room and check on Logan I wasn’t sure why but since I was now curious, I knocked on Warren’s door and heard a muffled thumping. When I opened the door, I saw Logan cuffed to the bed and gagged. I called Warren since they were most likely his cuffs and he said keys were missing but any police type key for cuffs should work. Not having any Police type keys and remembering how good with locks Shade was I called her up and asked her to pick the lock. She came up and started to tease Logan. While she was picking the lock I un-gagged him and he told me to leave. Shade said she wanted me to stay as a witness. Not wanting to be caught up in Shades’s little power games, I said that Logan’s word was good and walked out. After leaving the room, just to be safe, I left my home and went to feed then headed to Elysium so I would be there when the Duke wanted me.

Eventually, Warren and Lyrica/Payden showed up. I could tell that they had just had sex. Logan was there but did not look happy. But he must have worked out some payment plan with Shade. We were escorted into the Duke’s chamber. The Duke talked to Payden she said that she didn’t want to have it done she liked how she was and the Duke said Sleep then he told me to start the process. It took me 13 hours but I eventually broke past the block.

Then the screaming started, Payden screamed and cried for about 8 hours, if she were mortal she would have screamed her throat raw, then her parents, and the duke showed up and told me that I could leave. So I went home and talked with Warren about offering to make Payden forget.  He asked me to think about it and let her heal even if it was painful. So we started talking about the club and the steps we would need to do to make our vision real. When Warren received a call and said that he had to do something. I found out later that he and Shade left the mansion and went to Elysium at the request of the Duke.  But what went on there I have no idea. He called later and told me that Shade was drafted to help get Payden safely back to Ireland. She was promised a large shopping spree in Ireland courtesy of Eric.  I told her brothers and they were really excited and decided to celebrate with a toga party.


During the party we found a nearly dead body, that had hello Paulo written in blood. Then we started searching the grounds and Logan found a note saying “Twinlke Twinkle little bat how I wonder where she’s at.”


Paulo said her name was Renee, she is an old vampire that just happens to look like an 11 year old girl. Paulo was worried about Elizabeth’s safety since she looked so much like his lost love.


I called the Seneschal Amanda Burns(gangrel/Invictus) and asked if this Renee had been presented to the Duke that she had violated my haven. Just to make things official and get tact consent to stake her if necessary.


I learned something from Fang he said that Elizabeth doesn’t even  smell human


10 Exp


Next 16 april.

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