I am the KeyMaster Where is the lock or We want Brains (Session 16)

April 16, 2011

The next night stated with a bang or at least a crash as Fang’s motorcycle lessons came to an abrupt halt when he crashed a bike right out of the gate then got onto his bike and rode away.

Warren spent the night out. Paulo went to visit Elizabeth and later came home with her

She gave me a key and wanted me to find the lock it went into so I did some searching on the internet. It took me 5 hours but I finally narrowed the search down enough to make an educated guess.  I think that its from an old abandoned bus terminal.

Paulo said that Rainee was following him. I told the boys to be careful and they said they missed their sister.  I told them if they wanted to go after her I could arrange it but that I was sure the girls would miss them. They said I wasn’t good at guilt. And I came back with “ Its because I didn’t have a Jewish Mother.” They smiled and said that they were always careful. I said that, “I would rather they be informed than surprised.” We left it on that note.


Warren must have had a talk with Jillian beucase she came into my office wanting to review the business plan for the club. I told her that it was mostly pie in the sky right now and that we were fact finding.  We discussed salary and closed on 4K a month for now. She is going to organize us.


I was informed of the successful merger taking place and now have 2 kindred minions working for me from the previous raid on the computer Geeks having taken over their business by fiat via the Duke’s good graces. With the effort that their programming with afford me I believe that I will be able to increase my business load and expand. (OOC this allows me to buy the last dot of Wealth)


Logan asked me to find the source of the website that Payden/ Lyrica was show cased on and I have agreed to do what I can.


We decided to bring Jullian deeper into the supernatural world. We were trying to figure out what Elizabeth is since she is not human and one of the werewolves went into a half form.


We called Jillian to the room for a comparison test and she wanted to negotiate a salary increase. I told her that if she came into the room we could negotiate face to face.  Being a human when she saw the werewolf she freaked and we never did discuss her salary. Anyway, she started screaming and Warren smothered her to his chest. Fang got a good sniff and then smelled Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is a mix a dead human alive vampire. But the dead is older than the live. She is neither one nor the other.  Warren asked how it was possible. Its’ not is it?


After all that trauma Warren took Jillian to his room and Paulo and I took Elizabeth to visit the locker she had a key for after we put on our war gear.


5 somethings attacked us Paulo dropped one with one hit. I hit one for 2 and Paulo dropped it with his we keep drooping them and they would get back up.


We started cutting of heads and that seemed to put them down.

We got to the locker and the key worked but the locker was rusted shut. Paulo used his claws to pry it open and typically Elizabeth freaked out. Inside was a very old bible with some things pressed in it. I handed it to them and we got out of there.


EXP 10 for curtis

Warren called on the way home and asked how things went. I said pretty go except for some undead things that attacked. He asked how we were and I said ok just a little bruised. I asked if Jillian was in and he said yes.   Jillan wanted to know about her raise and I said what raise she had asked about that in the hall and I said come into the room and we would discuss it and we never did discuss it. We could talk about it tomorrow.

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