Do you smell that or drop it or it gets messy. (Session 17)

ShadowGate 17 April 23, 2011

I decided on a name for the holding company, I decided to call it Sunrise enterprises, since it would be the point of contact for the day to day stuff.

Jillian I talked about her salary and I suggested a bonus in 6 month and another bonus 6 months after that equal to the amount she asked for and if she was still performing at a high level of quality we would talk about a raise. I also told her that I would try and not conflict with her dealings with Warren.

Then she left to talk to Warren, afterward,after I had reviewed the papers and sorted them. I looked into the matter that Logan had asked me to look into and a little while into the process. I got a message saying “the “PUP” was warned to stay out of this investigation. Now I am telling you  – drop it or it gets messy  – Crow

I sent back Which pup. The broody pup from Dublin.

I said I Ok I i will talk with him about this    Be certain you do, and you stop your research into the matter.

I tried calling Logan and left a message that said someone had sent me a message telling me to stop investigating the matter he had me looking into and that we needed to talk.  I tried leaving several messages but his phone was out of order.

I went to feed and came back home and finished the paper work Jillian had set out for me.  Logan got home and told me his phone was out of order and asked me to get him a new one.

I told to Jillian to get 6 phones capable of encryption one for each pup and one for Logan, one for Warren, One for Jillian.

The next night I handed out the phones we went to feed and the pups were still not home and so we went to find them. We got found the house of the girl they were supposed to go out with. And found them there… they were growling when I got there so we threw some Ice water on them and they started to go after us. I drew my sword and was ready kill if I had to. Logan said to back down the stairs and try and lead them to the basement.

Warren said to split them up.   Odin calmed down so I went to find Warren and and got some neat pictures of Fang humping Warrens leg.

The girl said that Talia Silveroak gave her the candles. I got her address.

We took the boys home. Some people were waiting for Logan. They looked sort of native American. They were cloaked and they said something about the ceremony was ready.

Logan went off with them with out a backward glance. Fang asked if that was ok. And I said you get used to it.

(Logan get initiated into the Circle)

Meanwhile Warren and I found the address the girl had given us it was in the woods and it looked like the set of a fantasy movie, A lot of  care was lavished on this place. When we knocked a white haired woman came to the door and invited us in.  She read our palms and asked to see the candle. She told us what it was and what happen and we said that 6 had been lit in a small unventilated room and she said that was a recipe for disaster. I got something to help calm Paydon mind and sent it off to her P.O. Box.

10 Exp.

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