The Servant

I woke up to find a red-haired beauty standing just inside my door. It was almost as nice as waking up to a red-haired beauty next to me in my bed. But then, most such women object to spending a day in bed with a corpse.

When I looked into those sultry eyes, I could tell she didn’t see a dead man. It brought memories of the previous night we shared. She’d made her decision to be mine, and she had held no reservation. I’d intended a slightly formal, celebratory dinner, but it had turned into something far more primal and carnal. We’d retreated to a hotel room. I found her youthful, so very ready body irresistible and she was likewise determined to explore mine as well. It had been lust and passion that had taken us, pure and simple.

I’d given her a taste of power. A little of my blood for a little of hers. It was the first lesson; to taste the power in blood of a vampire and know what it could do. She was a quick student and instinctively knew that the power I gave her could be used to regenerate the blood she lost to me. She reveled in the Kiss when I took it from her and relished the power she tasted in my own Vitae. The sex was almost an afterthought in comparison, a dessert to top off the meal.

She was here waiting for me now and I knew she’d been thinking about last night and wanting more. My Sire had told me it would be like that. The power in my blood, the blood of all vampires, was as addictive as it was powerful. She’d want it again, given the opportunity and of course, here I was. After the second taste, she’d be hooked. At the third taste, she’d be an addict, as much a slave to her own desire for my blood as she would be a slave to me. That is, unless I made her my servant.

This was the trust she’d placed in me. I’d given her a choice of accepting power and eternal life in my service, or to be given over to Melvin to have the memory of ever even having been asked the question erased from her mind. She could accept the power and service I offered, or it would be like I’d never asked and she’d go on being unaware of who and what I really was. She was young and a risk-taker, but also smart. She’d known me for a while. Long enough, anyway, to have learned to trust me. After I’d convinced her I was telling her the truth about what I was, she’d decided I wasn’t lying about the offer I’d made.

The process wasn’t going to be simple, though. At the end of it, I’ll have to take that final step in binding her to me forever. I can only do this once and it will cost me a bit of my soul to seal the bargain. This will free her from being a mere addict. That gnawing, endless craving for my Vitae and the ecstasy it brought will be reforged into an almost spiritual link with me. I’m not sure exactly what form that spiritual link will take, but I’m going to find out. I pray God will forgive me for what I’m doing to my Gillian.

I looked at her standing in the doorway and she looked at me right back. I smiled at her and she melted. She tried to cover it but I could see her hormone-powered infatuation. Need seemed to practically drip from her as she approached my bed. I raised up on an elbow and tried to look relaxed and dispassionate. What she wanted was my body and, if I would let her, a taste of my Vitae.

God she looked good enough to eat. I’m as much a slave to my own lusts as she was becoming a slave to my blood. Only difference was I’d never be able to deny mine for long. In a couple days, she’d belong to me, but she wouldn’t be an addict anymore.

Gillian turned and closed my bedroom door, then came toward me, stopping just out of my reach. The way her hips swayed was delicious. I was staring and by her smile she knew it. She let the red dress slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. But then, I wasn’t wearing anything either.

I’d caught her wrist before I knew what I was doing and drew her onto the bed. She straddled me and bent over me, practically devouring my lips in her enthusiasm while her erect nipples teased and trailed along my chest. My hands shifted, running down the small of her back and over her buttocks, encouraging her. When she began to grind her hips and I felt her welcoming, moist warmth, I lost track of rational thought.

Gillian rolled to her side and looked at me with languid eyes. “How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“You just keep going. Boys I’ve been with are usually one-shot wonders but you just keep going until I have to almost beg you to stop. Is it because you’re a vampire?”

I propped myself up on an elbow. “I suppose it doesn’t take all that much for a man to be satisfied, all things considered, but I don’t have the same biological limitations the living have. Plus, I’m not a boy.”

Gillian laughed at that. “Seriously, once they’re satisfied, most men would just stop.”

“Would they? I don’t know about that. Anyway, the way I’m satisfied isn’t about me getting off. It’s about that look.”

“What look?”

I stroked her cheek. “The one you have right now.”

She blushed. I drew my hand back and watched while she licked her lips, testing to see if she’d gotten all the blood. I could see Vitae coursed through her body now. As physically satisfied as she might be at this moment, she was also practically buzzing with borrowed power.

I rose shortly after that. I had a full evening scheduled and as much as dallying with her might tempt me, the things I needed to do wouldn’t complete themselves. With reluctance, I extracted myself from her and rose from my bed.

Gillian began to sit up but I stopped her. “No, go ahead and rest.” She gave me a longing look, but settled back down. She was a little worn out after all.

I picked up a sheet of paper and raised an eyebrow at Gillian.

“I took the liberty of itemizing the things you’ve been most interested in. I also provided a list of projects I’ve been working on for the club and for Melvin,” she told me. “Who’s Sonja?”

I thought about it, then decided to phrase it as neutrally as I could. “She’s my boss, of sorts.”

“You don’t have a boss,” Gillian pointed out. The gears clicked quickly however and I saw the understanding light up her eyes. She realized I meant that Sonja was someone I answered to but that I wasn’t going to talk about her. Kudos to Gillian; she let it go.

I dressed for the night. She fell asleep somewhere between the time I buttoned my jeans and put on my usual black button-down shirt. I kissed her forehead on the way out and was treated to a sleepy, comfortable smile.

When I awoke the next evening, it was as if I’d only blinked. When the sun came up, I was a corpse. When the sun went down, I wasn’t. That’s the way it was for me; one long night. I separated one night from the next by going through the ritual of undressing, going to bed, and then getting up and dressing again. If I didn’t do that I think I’d lose all track of what day it was.

I got up, got dressed and was mildly surprised when Gillian wasn’t waiting for me. Then I was surprised at being surprised — I’d gotten used to the idea of her waiting for me to awaken awfully quickly. I shook my head and called her cell.

“Hi Warren. I’m just about ready,” she said without giving me a chance to get a word in. “Give me thirty minutes.”

“Ah,” was all I managed to get in before she hung up. I blinked. That sounded like the Gillian that negotiated with Melvin for six grand a month salary and organized our night club operation into nearly military order, not the sexy red-head with whom I’d shared my bed for the past two nights. That was odd. I had thought she was finally loosened up around me and wouldn’t have to behave as if trying to prove herself to the world.

I headed out of the west wing and into the main house. I found Gillian talking to Melvin in the kitchen. She was rattling off a list of material and supplies contractors has listed and reviewing the quoted prices with Melvin. I guess she had decided that just because he was rich didn’t mean she would let anyone rip him off. She made it clear she disagreed with the prices listed by the contractor and provided at least two references on each point of contention, in writing, and went over it in detail for Melvin. She followed this analysis up with a curt opinion of the contractor’s intelligence and the low moral character of someone who padded their prices for materials at the client’s expense.

The girl was a dragon-lady by day. She’d already lined up someone else and was just waiting for Melvin’s approval before she fired this contractor and went with someone else. She concluded business with Melvin and put away some of the other paperwork. I found it hard to keep my eyes of her smooth, shapely legs and the way her ass filled out the tight but formal skirt she wore as part of her tan business suit. She’d put up her luxurious, long red hair and stabbed it with a black pencil to hold it in place. I’d have expected her to be wearing glasses just to complete the outfit, but she had good eyes.

She grabbed some papers and piled it onto her new laptop, then held it close to her chest as she hurried past me toward the door. She nodded at me and said, “I still have seven minutes left of the thirty I told you.”

I watched her disappear down the hall, bemusement on my face. I looked at Melvin who was wondering why I seemed surprised. But then he hadn’t seen the side of her I had the previous two nights. I just looked back at him and shrugged, then wandered out to the great room. For all I knew, she had stabbed to death the girl I slept with last night with that black pencil of hers.

Seven minutes later, Gillian was back. She wore a black dress with a pink top that had a single strap. Her hair was down again. She finished putting on a lovely green wool coat. “Ready,” she said.

In my opinion she didn’t need makeup, but she had some on earlier and I’d swear she’d used it to actually de-accentuate her looks. But now she’d done something subtle and small and it transformed her face to something much more aggressive.

As I thought about it, she was an aggressive person all around. In bed or at work, she attacked everything with that same fervor. But the way she went about it was completely different. It was almost like she had a personality for work or study and another when she let her hair down. It was a little bewildering, frankly.

Nevertheless, I gave her my arm and I escorted her out the door to the back veranda. I wanted space as well as privacy tonight, so I’d decided we’d take a walk out to the woods. They were well-tended and had comfortable trails paved with crushed stone.

We walked for a while in silence. The night was cold but the trees sheltered us from the wind.

“I like this,” she said, breaking the silence.

I glanced at her. “What?”

“Spending time like this. Like we have been. I could get used to this.”


“Yeah.” She she shivered and tightened her grip on my arm. Her instincts told her to cozy up to someone she trusted to get warm. Trouble was I didn’t have any body heat of my own unless I tapped some of my internal reserves of magic. It was too early in the evening to waste my power, though. We had a lot to do.

I couldn’t help but wonder if that feeling she had for me was more about the Blood than real emotion. Sonja had told me in detail that Blood Addiction would make the addict feel like they loved whoever was their donor.Like they’d do anything for them.

When we neared the little clearing with a mound in the middle, I veered off and we ventured over to it. I had a single tree standing there, a dead thing that hadn’t rotted enough to fall over yet. It looked kind of spooky, but it also stood off-center atop the mound and out of the way. It felt more like a silent sentinel than a looming guardian.

I turned toward her and we faced each other. This was it. Third time was the charm, as they say. By now, Gillian already knew what to do. She brought her body close to mine and undid the top three buttons of my shirt. It was cold out and the shirt would have been woefully inadequate had I been mortal, but there was to be blood again tonight and I hadn’t wanted to risk staining another coat.

I got out a wickedly-curved pocket knife and sliced the dead flesh over my heart. Blood welled up into the wound and slowly oozed out. Gillian’s eyes were fixed upon it. I pulled her into my embrace. She licked at my Blood and in a moment, I could feel the shiver as my power swept through her body. She locked her lips over the cut and then sucked passionately and with unnatural need.

I leaned back as the pain melded into pleasure and let her take what she wanted. It went on for a time. Minutes probably, though it felt like hours of blissful agony. When I felt my strength begin to ebb, I reached behind me to grip the hands she’d locked around me and gently forced her away.

She looked up at me with ruby lips and eyes red with hopeless desire of a blood slave.

“No,” I whispered. “Your fate is to be more than a slave to my power.” I wrapped one arm around her slender waist and held the back of her neck with another arm. “Look at me,” I commanded her. “Look into my eyes and don’t stop.”

I lifted her to me, brought her lips to mine while I stared into the depths of her soul. I felt the magic then, the power of unlife given to me by my sire. With this power I could sacrifice a bit of what I was, to plant it deep within her soul. If she were dying, the gift would bring her back from the brink to stand perilously between the living and the dead making her a vampire like me. She wasn’t anything like dying now, so instead the gift would tie our souls together. Through the Blood, her body would be powerful. Through the Spirit, she would be as eternal as I was.

The fires of passion characteristic of a blood slave that were set alight by the third taste of my Blood now forged this new link. This unnatural addiction was forged into a supernatural link.

Power surged out of me in an invisible wave and crashed into her. The drain on my own psyche was enormous and my legs buckled. I fell and dragged her down on top of me. Crashing onto the cold, frozen ground didn’t hurt me but I was startled out of the hypnotic spell that had settled over us. We both lay there together for a long time shaking as we began to sense things that were not our own.

Without words we each spent time sorting out our own emotions from the other’s. Through the link we now shared, I could feel her fear, anticipation and relief that it was over. I could only imagine what she sensed from me, but I could tell she did feel what I felt as well. It was going to take time to learn to limit or filter my emotions through the link with her.

She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes. The knowing look I saw there reminded me of Sonja’s words, her implication I had been impetuous in my choice and suddenness of my decision to claim Gillian as my Human Servant. Sonja had said that a mortal bound in this way was unswervingly loyal to her vampire, but I hadn’t really understood why. Now I knew. It was because Gillian really knew me now. Not like she read my mind, although I wondered if that might be something we could do now as well. No, more like she instinctively understood me. The part of me I sacrificed, that I gave to her, let her understand me on a deep emotional level. Her loyalty was unshakable because she knew me that well. I was a little unnerving. On the other hand, I knew her, too.

At her core, she just wanted to belong and to be accepted. I’d given her a place, someone to belong with and offered up that acceptance. She was mine, now and forever. I was a little surprised to discover that it worked the other way around as well.

I needed something, too. I had chosen her out of practical reasons and not very well thought-out ones at that. My passions rule me and it makes me impulsive. I know that, and of course so does Gillian. I’m often like a ship without a sail, blown or driven about by forces out of my control. It’s part of what I am. Gillian can be like that, too, but when I need to find the strength to defy the rash, overpowering drive of my passions, I now know that there is a part of Gillian that can throw me a line and tow me safely to port.

We finally collected ourselves and talked. The Blood I’d give her paired with the portion of will I’d sacrificed had manifested abilities that echoed my own. I taught her how to use some simple magic that gave her an ability to impress people as well as loosen tongues. I figure it would serve her well in her day job. She’d also inherited a little of my supernatural strength so I showed her how she could empower her body, if she needed to, by using magic she borrowed from me through the Blood.

Everything else, though, was unknown territory. It would be a journey of discovery for both of us.

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