Retail Therapy or the Search for Payden (Session 13)

Febuary 26, 2011

Paulo took Elizabeth to her new furnished apartment and showed her around. Then took her out and did a little clothes shopping. The retail therepy seemd to wear her out and when they got back she was feeling overwhelmed and looking for some comfort and asked Paulo to stay the night.  Paulo said yes

Good evening, Dar said I let myself in I hope you don’t mind. I said I didn’t and that was why I had given him keys. Dar said that he had information for me. It happed at night while we were out taking care of the shakedown,  little missy went out out for a walk. Here is the address, the one or ones who did this had done their homework they didn’t show up on our security.  From what we can tell, they never came onto the property as far as we can tell.   Most likely she was out looking for food and she was taken by person or person’s unknown. I said, “Lets give this address to Warren so he can work his magic while I work mine.” We gave Warren the address. He called Fang and they went out to try and pick up the sent literally.  Dar told me what she was wearing and I went to work. 

Logan and Shade decided that they should go out while the rest of us frantically searched for Payden.  Shade wanted to go to a 5 Star restaurant. Logan called around and got a table for 2.  I called and told him that we had the address and Warren and Fang were looking to see what they could find. I was searching the cities database checking their camera’s. It took me six hours but eventually I got part of what we needed.

Warren went to Eric’s place and started his search with Fang.He called around 1:30 saying that he thought he found the street corner. I had just cracked the security and was able to access the camera. I was able to get the make and model of the car, it was Prius.

It headed that way.  We finally ran out of camera’s as the car headed out of town.  I made sure that Warren knew what I knew. Then I went out to feed.  I called Paulo so that he would know what I knew.  And he said he was going to try and stay the night. I don’t know if it’s love but his girl is sure making him do crazy things.

Warren stayed at Eric’s. Logan and Shade eventually got in but it was quite late. Logan seemed to not know that he was supposed to kiss her. I put on the Why don’t you kiss the girl from the little mermaid then turned off the camera’s temporarily in entry room. 

The house settled down and I actually got to sleep in my own bed for once. When I woke up Odin was on one side and Shade was on the other.

Warren called and asked if Fang had made it home. Then he said that he had spotted him, he asked me to rally the troops.   I called Paulo and Logan then got Paulo’s kit together. I told Odin and Shade what was going on in case they wanted to join us. Then we headed to out get Paulo from Elizabeth’s new place.  When we got to Paulo’s place we heard a woman screaming in Italian. We went in and Paulo was there holding Elizabeth.  She was twitching and mumbling and she just jumped up and crashed into a wall and knocked herself out. We took her with us and went to meet up with Warren at Erick’s.  They took Elizabeth to one of the cells and he left her there. Dar did say that he couldn’t guarantee what would happen if she woke up.

Fang told us about a location he scouted and we took the van there and sent the stealthy ones out to search for guards. They came back and said that they saw two we tried to sneak up on them but they spotted one of us and called out. The others engaged and one dropped right away, seeing that they had it under control I started scanning the area and saw the door open and close. I am guessing that I just didn’t see what came out. Then I didn’t see it again. I don’t know if we have 2 unfriendly outside or one went out and came in. They dropped the other guard and  I called out over the com that they know we are here and either there were some unseens out here with us or at least one is spreading the alarm.  We rushed the house but didn’t quiet get to the doors before the werewolves crashed through the sliding glass doors. We saw the door open and closed and then Dar suddenly appeared and appeared to attack something. Then a nos appeared and attacked Dar.  We left him to it and rushed into the building. I saw that Paulo attacked someone so I attacked the same someone then Warren did the same again it dropped.  Suddenly a tattooed guy dropped from the ceiling and attacked Paulo but he missed.  Paulo and I attacked him but Warren broke with protcal to help one of the kids that looked like he was in trouble. After a little bit, Warrens dropped but the kid was still in beast form and raging out of control luckly for us he went to help his sister. Dar came in and punched the one that had done so much damage to Shade.  We dropped ours and noticed that Logan was in the room.

The werewolves calmed down but it looked like it was a near thing. They looked pretty torn up. We did a quick walk through of the house and didn’t really find anything.

We questioned the Nos. He told us that they were brood of Belial.

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