I smell a Lycan or Geek Smack Down or Finding Lyrica errr Payden (Session 14)

March 12, 2011

Warren made some comments said something about blood bonding the Nos. Dar said that he was just there to help us out and this was our mission.  I got Vos ,the Nos, talking using my mental Powers, ( Hey I don’t name these people, and he asked us not to comment on his name once he got talking.) and he told us that another group had taken Payden from them at the turn off to this place about 15 minutes away. They, the brood, wanted to kill Payden because she was an abomination and that there was a prophecy that she would be able to merge the brood with our kind.

I called the sheriff and he told us to stake them. He asked if it was just us there and when I said Yes he said that a pick up team would be there in ½ an hour.  When they got there they said the smelled lycan and tried to find them. I realized that us might mean just kindred and hoped that Warren would pick up my cues over the com. Warren managed to get them out the window and away in time and after they left we meet them at the car. We went to the site where the brood had been driven off the road and searched. Fang got out of the car and lead us to the vehicle.   Logan went to scout around. Then we all got out and snuck up on what looked like a deserted and boarded up old farm house.

Dar said he would take the back with Warren.

Warren picked the back lock and then tried to get the front. He couldn’t and Shade pushed her way through and did it quick, quick. We went in and took them down hard. They didn’t stand a chance.  One of the girls they were double teaming started to scream when we dropped the one that was doing her not the one drinking her blood. One of the ones that was taking a drink started to say what the fuck and we took him down the other one never did stop until Dar told him to kneel. I started drinking from the one that was screaming until she passed out. The other was suddenly in love with Warren.

We took the kindred out to the barn and Ed, the only one not in torpur, said that the two with us were Bob & Tom. Mike evidently was the one that got dusted.  Tiffany was the unconscious girl and Rose was now in love with Warren.  Tom owns the truck and seemed to be the leader and creator of this group.  Ed says that they never picked anyone up in the truck.  But we found Payden’s necklace in the truck. We searched the house they were in and found that they were competitors of mine so I decided to take all of their computer stuff and anything else expensive. I was hoping that I would find some clue of where Payden was taken but the rest was  just my pride talking. I encouraged Shade to go looking for sparkles.  She found a large bag full and some sort of manual on how to make porn. We are taking Ed and the others with us. I suggested a little merger if it turned out that they were not complicit by design on Payden’s capture. Dar made a call to Carrion and  we took the three to Elysium.   When we got there Eric met us and he still didn’t look happy.

I cracked their computers and we found Payden, not on their computer put on a website that they were using as a template to set up their own porn site.  I managed to crack the location but it’s a mobile site. I did find out that some of their stars were going to be in a club. A week away near the Boondocks café Payton would be at a “club”. Sort of like a traveling rave from what I was able to find out.

Warren asked if we should tell Eric and I said yes. He takes his duty as sire seriously and we may need help taking them down.  I talked to the Duke and told him what we knew, he arranged for a group of kindred to join us to go get Payden back when the time came and he told Eric, more I think to give him a focus for his anger.

Not really sure what Paulo did during that week he was pretty wrapped up in Elizabeth and trying to mend her or un-break her. I offered to try and make her forget but he said that he didn’t want anyone messing with her head like that or at least I interpreted the glare he gave me to mean that.

During our wait, I was inducted into the Invictus. I think the Duke “suggested” that my application be streamlined. Davis Ash called and told me to be when and where and no mention was made of any oaths or sponsors although something was said about services to the city.  A party was held in my honor and some of the important members of vampire society including the Duke were in attendance. While I was there I mentioned about an idea Warren and I had been talking about a secure location and club for Kindred located in the Ames area. It would have offices and private meeting rooms, a club for everyone, a basement with black light and many nooks and crannies and subbasement that would be Vampires and guests only.  The Duke looked intrigued and told me to contact him later about this.

The rest of the week was spent organizing the club: scouting locations, hiring staff, getting permits, greasing palms.

We got word that Paydens Parents, Brenna and Keyon would be coming from Ireland to help recover her and take her home.

Eventually the time came and went up to the club we were given descriptions of Brenna and Keyon.  Warren and I had to go in sans armor. He managed to hide a punch dagger but I went in unarmed hoping to pick up a weapon if I needed one. We were shown a menu and Lyrica, Payton’s “name” was on it so I put in a bid on her. 300,000. If we got her maybe we could just leave.  The show stared and at the end of the first act I was notified that I had the winning bid.  After the first act a fiddle player stepped up onto the stage.  His music was entrancing. I couldn’t move while he was playing. The man with the white hair was there and he told us not to move. He said he was from something called Shadowgate, and he started sorting people out. When he got to us, and asked us why we were there we told him we were their to rescue one of our people. Warren made some vague sort of threats or innuendo about them not leaving alive or not getting out of there.  He borrowed Warrens com and basically said he was a representative of the Shadowgate and that they were to come in.  Warren looked sort of amazed and even more so when our people did come in.  The white haired man seemed amused and incredulous that we didn’t know who or what Shadowgate was and all Warren could tell him was that when we were first organized some one said out team might leas on with Shadowgate but nothing had been said since. He advised to find out more about them. We were eventually let go but Eric stayed there for the clean up.

When we got to the parking lot we heard Payden screaming, Warren ran over and by the time I got there she was all calmed down and hanging all over him. They drove back in his car and I in mine heading for the Dukes Court because he is the only one I know that has a chance of fixing her.  The Duke agreed to try and wanted to get her back into familiar surroundings.  Payden’s Parents were will to let him try. So he came to my house, I also extended my hospitality to Payden’s mother and father, Brenna and Keyon.  I showed them the open rooms and could have spent the night in my own bed but I had gotten so use to the white noise or the server room I couldn’t sleep until dawn and then I slept like the dead.

Oh one more thing I just remembered when Eric got there and found the Duke it seemed like he wasn’t happy to put it mildly. It seems he had been looking all over for him. Also I think Warren sent Logan in to talk to Payden about something.

(I lost all of this due to a virus and recreated it from memory so feel free to edit if something is not right.)

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