End of the Arena or Payden goes missing (Session12)

Feb 12, 2011

 We went to the arena. Paulo and I went to the fighter area.  I stayed with him this evening waiting for the signal. When he went to fight I went with him and then up into the stands to watch.  Just as he entered the arena, Eric’s voice came over the PA telling everyone that didn’t want to die a horrible death to kneel and surrender that he was working with the full knowledge of the sheriff and his hounds. Some of the crowd knelt and some went wild.

Some of the harlequin types started rushing Paulo. I jumped into the arena and backed him up. They concentrated their attacks on Paulo. He and I concentrated our attacks.

One of our opponents dropped and the other switched her attacks to me. She got me and I went all out and hit her a lot worse. Paulo attacked and hit her some more and I tried my mental powers and ordered her to surrender.  She didn’t listen and Paulo and I dropped her.

I saw Warren up in the stands. People were going crazy but most were starting to surrender. Warren took off running, stopped suddenly, and talked to someone.

I didn’t see Logan anywhere. When I turned around again, Paulo had almost reached the Arena exit and coming in was a big werewolf.  It was dragging a carcass, when it saw us it said something about fresh meat.   It attacked Paulo who was going all out trying to dodge and only grazed him. I hit but didn’t do that much more to it. I called Eric over the comm. And said that I had the means of fulfilling a promise, he sent Carrion because he said was busy with a feisty red head.  The creature attacked Paulo again, and missed. It healed the damage I did so I did it again.  Warren and Carrion attacked. Warren did about the same as I did and I thought we would eventually whittle it down. The Carrion hit and opened it up from stem to stern. I think if I had been hit that hard I would have dropped.

The creature suddenly got even bigger and went berserk, someone later said something about a death rage.  Paulo attacked. I attacked and it dropped but it kept healing. Carrion had us hold it and he cut its heart out.

There were screams still in the stands.  But that was the last big battle, things started settling down. Eric and Dar came out carrying a body in bag.  I think it was Lady M. Eric said she was quite feisty and had caused him to muss his hair. But there was an unexpected surprise. He napped his fingers and Andrew scampered out.  He seemed really glad not to be dead and was doing everything in his power to stay that way.  Devon the sheriff did the clean up.  We went home and got ready to meet the Duke and to honor Eric’s promise to Shade.

Warren had some things he wanted to take care of so I took Eric back to the manor to deliver the heart.  Warren shoveled Logan into the back of the van. Eric called shotgun and for reason Paulo called rifle. 

When we got back home, Paulo asked me to send flowers and stuff to Elizabeth. And I agreed.  We heard a rhythmic thumping and tracked it to the game room. The were playing dance-dance-revolution.  They smelled the heart and Eric gave it to them. They devoured it. Then Shade turned to me and asked as if nothing had happened “Do you want to play.?” I said that I couldn’t right now I had things I had to do. I realized that we had left Logan out in the van I went out to get him and took him to his room and locked the door for now. Then I went to change my shirt and then went to try and feed. I also put in an order for flowers, I am glad there is an app for that. Warren made it home.

The next night, we had our meeting with the Duke. The sheriff lead us into the room and there we saw suspended, Lady M.  The Duke was holding a bloody baseball bat, which he handed off to a minion. Eric was there in jeans as T-shirt.  The Duke was in black jeans and a T shirt. He told us to sit down or not. I asked about the red powder, and the duke said that Andrew spilled his guts. Its powder made from our blood. Lady M is actually from the Chicago neighbor hood, when the Duke was done with her he said he might send her off to Chicago.  The one whose heart we claimed was taking people and turning him into his kind to train and sell off. Others were doing the same with our kind. This was not acceptable within my lands he said. If I win my negotiations I won’t have to send her off. But she is only the pusher but not the creator of the drug. Some of the bodies were the unsuccessful creations of these people but others who knows.  Now there were some things that were unorthodox, but I understand that it was at the encouragement of Eric. That will be dealt with. However the vast majority of the city if given similar instructions would have done nothing. What you did shows spunk, moxie, and skill to survive. I could use such skills, would this interest you?  What I find myself in need of is a special investigation team that could work with shadow gate.  Warren said all of us even those that aren’t here were honored to serve. You must also watch over the female Paydrigan who is a favorite of a foreign prince, as are her father and mother. Lady M started to revive and the Duke held his hand out and his bat was placed in it freshly cleaned. He looked at us and said you are dismissed.

We went home and talked to Shade about maybe her and the boys donating blood to Logan while he was unconscious.  We said that he would owe her a favor or a night on the town and she said she blood was worth more than one night and wanted this promise in writing and signed with Logans blood. Which Warren did. Then he left a note for Logan.

So we had a party, with Logan as the feature guest, the girls invited some of their friends, we offered free food and drinks.  The Party got really wild and eventually Warren had to put Logan away but luckily we had plenty of footage by that time. Hopefully we will be able to do some sort of weekend with Logan/Berni sort of thing.

Elizabeth woke up and the hospital asked us to stop sending flowers and balloons. I think the app I used had some sort of repeat function that I missed. Paulo had visited her each night to check on her condition. Elizabeth had come home and thought she heard something and she was attacked. Paulo remembered that he had heard arguing but the doctors had warned him that she might suffer some memory lost.  Paulo told her that she would never be bothered by him again. Then Paulo ever the tactful one, told her that her house burned down. She cried and said that all her stuff was there and she had nothing what was she going to do? Where was she going to live? Paulo told her that he would take care of what could be taken care.  Paulo learned that she had amnesia and it was really so great that she could make something of her life. So Paulo came to me and asked if we could either put her up here or set her up with a place in the city. I thought about putting her in with Warrens girls but felt that it would be better to get her a place of her own in the city. I found a furnished appartment and had them send over a year lease.

Shade wanted to go shopping and watch movies 4 of them. One of the nights, Shade saw a girl being harassed by group of boys. Warren and I backed her up but Shade was loosing it. Warren struck one and Shade got another. Something was going on and the others ran. Shade looked at the girl and said never let them hurt you.  Then she put her shoes back on and said come on. I told Warren to go on I would catch up and made sure the girl got home and the boy got some help. Then I caught up to them at the theater.

I called Eric when I thought Payden would be awake and couldn’t’ get a hold of him. I went to court and asked to speak to the sheriff or the seneschal.  As I was talking to the Seneschal,  I heard a commotion and saw a body come flying over the railing followed by a vampire with full fangs. The duke landed on them and pulled him off. I realized it was Eric the Duke look around and said Nobody saw anything. I bow and the duke happened to see me and say YOU and motioned for me to follow. So I did, the duke laid Eric out and told me that I had a problem. Find her, the one who’s head he almost ripped off was the one who was SUPPOSED to be watching her. I asked if that one’s mind had been probed.

The Duke sent me to try and I could not. I told the Duke that the one that hid the memories was more skilled than I. The duke went down and probed his mind. It went on for 35 minutes. He said that yes his mind had been altered. I said that I would call the Coterie and we would try by more mundane means to locate Payden.

I called Warren and told him that Payden was missing and had been taken. He asked where she had been and I said that I would find out and asked if he would warn the others. Meanwhile Shade told Logan that Paulo had become rather irritable and that his woman was being released today.  Logan linked up with Warren.  Warren told Logan that Payden was missing.

I looked for Dar or Carrion and eventually they showed up to remove the stake from Eric’s heart.  I hadn’t even seen the Duke put it in but that explains why he calmed down so fast.  Eric came awake with a vengeance and I saw an entire new side to the people in the room.  I was getting that sense of terror sense all over the again the duke physically tackled him and told him to calm. I think that he used a mental discipline on him but since its his court I am guessing he can get away with it. After Eric calmed down, Dar and Carrion said, “This is what we know. She was taken from our haven. Which isn’t easy, in fact there is only one way it could have happen and that’s with an inside man. I asked if they know when? And they said “She was taken about three days ago, to be able to elude us is impressive. We know enough to be pretty positive that this is the work of Caile.” Eric spoke up and said he is an old rival of mine and I think he misunderstood my relationship, I think he took her just to prove he can. I asked if she was taken in the day or night and Eric said that is what we are trying to find out. The Duke spoke up and told Carrion and Dar that he was going to leave them with Eric so he didn’t  kill his emplyoee before we can get the information.

When I called home Warren said that after he told Logan about Payden he walked off and there was this bellow of rage off in the distance and I think that also explains the hole in the wall in the Dojo that I found later. They said that he was out there about an hour. I may need to get some more practice gear. While Logan was busy Warren asked Shade if she loved Logan and she said no She just liked him. She asked if we could feel love. And Warren said he didn’t know.   Then Fang tried to convince Warren to watch the movie that the girls made of Logan, “Logan’s night in”.I think some of them are some sort of arts major and used it for a class project but they made a PG version for the school. Warren distracted him, by getting him started on trying to track Payden so he was in her roomtrying to get a scent.

I headed home and when I got there they were watching the movie.

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