Warren has too much fun or Sonja’s Rescue (Session 9)

9 Shadow Gate Saturday January 8, 2011

The next evening we talked about living wills and do we want to be awakened if we fall into Torpor.  Warren said that he would leave it up to Sonja, I didn’t really say anything but I was thinking about it. I could tell the others were too.  Sonja said that our number one rule as kindred is to protect the masquerade.  Paulo talked about his relationship with Elizabeth.  Said something like its not like you slept with her yet, and Paulo was suddenly quite and pensive.

The discussion turned to human servants or ghouls and the different degrees.  There are the Renfield’s which are broken and loyal as long as supply then with blood… more loyal to the blood.  They are as loyal as an addict is to his pusher. At the other end of the spectrum are the Full Bound Human; blood is infrequently given to them and they are completely and totally loyal, as long as the master lives but a kindred can have only one and it takes a part of the kindred.  These servants can learn kindred powers.

James showed up and hustled Sonja out the door, talking something about appointments. I leaned to Warren and said, “I thought they were supposed to be our servants”.  Warren explained that a good servant fills the needs of the master and since Sonja was very focused and lived in the moment. She needed someone that kept her on track and got her where she needed to be.

As I was going over the security footage, I did a little multi-tasking and sent Red roses and chocolate to Elizabeth for Paulo with a message that says I look forward to seeing you this evening. Paulo waited for about ½ an hour then called her.

She was at a club, Dulsay, We went to her place and picked up the flowers then went to the club. The bouncer was a greedy sot, I tried to just bribing him with some Benjamins but ended up using mesmerize to make him let us in.  I started a tab and paid for the drinks of the people that were with us. Some girls came up to thank me and I said that I was trying to get my friend to relax. They latched on to Paulo and dragged him out to the dance floor. He was in extreme pain, so Warren drew off the two women that were on him and he was able to set down and relax and talk to Elizabeth. They left shortly thereafter, he did say he would be back. I called Payden and then Logan and told them where we were and what we were doing.

Warren, the girls and I went to the ISU arboretum. Morgan, Sarah and Warren went one way.  Brittany and Brittani, they thought it was so cool that they had the same name spelled differently, and I went the other.  I had a great time and the girls got really wild. One was sitting on my face while the other was… never mind I probably shouldn’t kiss and tell.

I was getting ready to go home and then I smelled blood.  I asked the girls to wait in the car while I went to check on Warren. They giggled and waited. I tracked down Warren’s bloody shirt and saw that he had been wandering all over the place. I called him on his phone and he sounded out if it.  He said something about sending one of the girls over and something about Payton. I called Payton and asked her about Warren.  She said he would be looked after so I dropped B&B, back off at the bar, and then went home.  I ordered more red roses, chocolate and a diamond tennis bracelet. I’ll be thinking of you is what the note said. I told Paulo when he asked about the diamonds the next night.  He must have called her the first thing when he got up.  He said something about me having to stop living vicariously through his love life.

Paulo said something was wrong with Warren and we would see what it was when we got there. Then he said that Sonja was missing. She had been looking into some individuals checking them out. We were given some locations that James thought she might have been based on her notes.  When she disappeared she was wearing a red tank, black jeans, a jacket, dangly earrings and hiking boots.

So the search began, Warren was still high as a kite but we started searching the locations anyway not knowing if time was of the essence but suspecting that it was. We were at the second or third location and I spotted a something shinny which turned out to be Sonja dangly earring. Knowing she had at least been here, we investigated more closely and found a blood trail which we started to follow.  We followed it to a storm drain and Sonja jacket was caught on a stick hanging outside.  It looked as if had been slashed by a knife. I saw a house in the woods nearby and we thought it might be worth a look.  We finally had t o put Warren on a leash to keep him from wandering off.  So Warren with Logan holding his leash went out fast.   Payton, Paulo and I headed up there, a little slower.  We heard the thump of Logan hitting the ground and saw a typical thug standing over him. Warren grabbed the thug.  Logan stood up and attacked.  I noticed that he hadn’t even dropped Warren’s leash.  The thug saw he was outnumbered and ran off using celerity. He used some shrill whistle as he ran, probably to warn others.  Warren chased him but didn’t catch him.  He disappeared into the house just as we got there.  I said Avon calling and Warren ripped the door off the hinges.  We all headed into the house except Payden, who had disappeared.  Paulo went right. Logan went left and I ran forward and attacked the two gun men that I saw ahead of me.  Warren and I both attacked one and dropped him. They couldn’t seem to hit us and we continued to drop one a round until they were all down. While, the others searched for Sonja, I stopped the ghouls from bleeding out and checked on the two kindred.

They found a basement and went down. I hear battle cry and went to join them.  When I got downstairs, I saw Sonja was bound and hanging from the ceiling. I saw a tall menacing figure. It looked like the others were attacking so I did too. I hit him and then Paulo hit him. Logan was trying to free Sonja. He didn’t have much luck. We dropped the big one, but he was still alive.  Logan kept trying to free Sonja but still wasn’t having luck.  He went to find a better tool.  I used my sword and after a couple of tries I managed to break a link and free Sonja. I called the Sherriff and got the instructions. I wasn’t sure what to do with our captives.  We took the kindred into custody and left the rest to sort themselves out. I took some pictures before we left just to document things.

We were told to go to Elysium.  We got there and I showed them the pictures I had taken.   Payden, Paulo and I gave our statements to the Sheriff and told our story. Logan and Warren left with James to take Sonja home.  Paulo and I went to feed.  I called Davis Ash the Primogen of the Invictus to set up a meeting so that I could learn more about them.

Exp for this session 6.

I got 10 for a run to get food.

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