The Crusader Strikes again or I buy some new friends (session 10)

10 Shadow Gate Saturday January 16, 2011

Things were pretty quite for the next two weeks.  Sonja woke up after several days. Warren stayed with her the whole time. He was pretty worried, we all were, but there wasn’t anything any of us could do.

I set up an appointment with Lord Davis Ash, the Primogen of the Invictus, to talk about his group.

We met at a quite place, in the club.  I asked about more information on joining.    A recitation of lineage, an oath of fealty normally, given to one’s sire.  I of course don’t know who my sire is, I asked about probationary or if a foster sire would do, because surely there must be cases where a child chooses not to follow in his sires footsteps.  Lord Ash said he was sure something could be arranged and would I consider taking oath to him.  I told him that as long as it didn’t interfere with my oath to the Duke. Lord Ash said that Duke Victor Hecake is the head of the Invictus. He said he would look into my application and let me know the time and place for my introduction if I was accepted.

I spent some of the time researching proper forms of address and learning the faces of the Invictus members in the city and getting proper dress for the evening so I wouldn’t be caught unaware.

I was contacted by the fight people as to whether we would be available I said that my people would up for some action. The fights were scheduled for Wednesday night at mid-night. This was Thursday so we had some time.  We are still trying to find out who is behind the group.

Warren called and said that Sonja was out of danger and he would be coming back.

We set up a meeting for 11 at the arena. We went out that night, feed, and then went to the arena. The fighters and I were shown to a room with other fighters instead of the individual team room we saw the last time. I don’t know if there were more fighters or if we were just a more of a known commodity. Paulo and Logan went to mingle with the fighters and I went to mingle with the Trainers/Owners/Managers.

I overheard an exchange going on “Just make sure your fighters get this and they will show a lot of improvement.” The man that got the stuff was Reping for The Grim Brothers” for his Master.  Overall there were a little bit of everything, just like the fights.

Groups were drawn again.   They were to fight against three female kindred. They all had claws.  They took out the first one in purple and Logan dropped. That left Paulo standing alone against two to one odds. The betting went crazy and then up another notch when he dropped the Green one and hadn’t taken any serious wounds. Only Blue was left he kept nickel and dimeing her. Paulo was amazing. She wasn’t able to touch him. He finally took another aggravated wound and she surrendered.

We bet 15K, the entire amount won in the first fight. The odds were 3 to 1 so we won 45K and now have a total of 60K.  We were asked if The crusader would be available for another round tonight. I said that I wanted to check on my first fighter but I believed that he would be.  Warren disappeared about the time I realized that Payden was in trouble. I heard Warren trying to resolve the situation but the guard or whoever wasn’t having any of it.  The fighting resumed and it sounded like Payden dropped. It went on forever and Warren was panting for breath then when I got there I saw Warren and Payton covered in blood.  I got them out and Warren said he could get everyone home. I went back in and tried to bet on Paulo the Crusader and we only made another 5K because he was the favorite, so our total for the night was 50K. Paulo asked me to see about helping his last opponent.

When I went to inquire about him, I learned that he was part of a set of three, so I set about acquiring them.  I was shown to a scary person; it was like a wave of scary rolling off of him.  I asked for the set and was quoted a price of 600K. I said yes and said I could pay 400K right now. I got 1 Million for Paulo’s services. I paid off the rest and took possession of them bringing home them and 1 Millon – 200 K and 50K from the bets.

Their threes names are: Odin, Blood Fang, the males and Shade, the girl.  Logan got them free of their chains and I got them a room ready for them. Then went out and bought 40 lbs of raw hamburger and 10s of stew meat and 4 10 lbs of roast. I also bought them some sweats because they were dressed in rags.

Eric showed up to take care of Payden. Paulo took them the their food.

XP’s 10.

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