New Friends get a shower or somdays you just can win(Session 11)

11 Shadow Gate Saturday January 29, 2011

As our new guests were eating breakfast, I was reviewing the security tapes.  They were talking about when they would fight next.  I said that there would be no fights until they were better trained. The next time I interrupted was when they discussed being sold and I said that I had no intention of selling them. I felt they needed to be reassured that they had a home here but I don’t know if it came across that way.

Paulo asked me how much he earned and I said considerably more than Logan, and that all together we have $950,000 in the safe now after the purchasing the freedom of our three guests. When he kept pressing I said that he had earned a million dollars with his services. Then the alarm went off and I found out that our young wolves had started a fire in the kitchen trying to cook their food.   I flipped the switch that started the sprinklers in that zone and waited for the fire to go out. I then canceled the alarm to the fire startion.

Shade showed up and said she was all wet so Paulo took her to get some towels and dry sweats.  I went to the Kitchen and started cleaning up. I said, “I guessed that cooking wasn’t their forte, one of their talents”.  I was glad there wasn’t any carpet there.

I hear Shade yell, “Odin, Fang, Moive” They grabbed stuff and took off most of it wasn’t even cooked. I got the mess cleaned up and threw a roast and some potatoes, onions, and carrots into the oven in a roaster. I got to the Home Theater and the Princess Bride was playing. The microwave was open and it was a mess. I cleaned it up and made a mental note to tell them they were going to have to learn to clean up after themselves.

Meanwhile, Warren and Logan had gone out to try and research something to do with helping them out.  Warren met up with Elizabeth and asked if she knew where the girls from the other night were and she asked him, who he was, and what girls.

Warren re-introduced himself and asked if she could tell him where the girls were or how to find them. She seemed hesitant to tell him, but eventually, said that they should be at the church. They went there and found Morgan. Warren cut in while the man was going to get drinks. Logan spilled his drink on him keeping him busy enabling Warren to leave with Morgan. The bouncers soon broke up the fight. Logan was let go because he didn’t even throw a punch. Lucky for him none of the punches that his opponent landed because he was still pretty messed up from his last fight.

As Morgan and Warren stepped outside her friend, Sara showed up wanting to play. They took Warren out to his car for a good time. He tried to talk to them about the three that were in our care but they were more intent on pleasure. He mentioned the word werewolf and that seemed to spike their attention and raise their ire. Eventually, they made a deal. But before they could close the deal, Logan approached and said “Are you done yet Warren?”  They wanted 5 nights with them. They wanted to include Logan in the deal, but he turned them down.  Warren was able to explain and said that was all he wanted and told them he would give them the five nights.

Meanwhile the young cubs watched TV and fell asleep. The roast got done and Warren and Logan showed up just as Shade, Fang and Odin were sitting down to eat. We talked and said that we would take care of them and not tell anyone about them. They would stay here for now at least and we would train them how to survive.

Shade seemed very take with Logan and was following him around like a little puppy dog when he went to change for our meeting at 3 with the Duke at the Succubus club. I changed while they were gone and popped some more movies in and told them we should be back in about an hour or so and we would try and go out and get them some more things.

Warren gave Jillian some money and sent her to Wal-mart with some money to get Shade some more stuff.

We got to the club and one of the keeper’s assistant’s was waiting for us. She directed us to follow her and she lead us to one of the smaller meeting rooms. Eric and Carrion were waiting for us. Once we were all comfortable, the duke came in and we all rose and bowed.  The duke asked us what we had and I showed him everything we had on their fight club. He was very displeased and Eric was told to assemble a task force to take out everyone that didn’t surrender and we were to be a part of the task force. The Duke thanked us for bringing this matter to his attention. Eric said that since our place was so large he would meet us there and we could make plans.  On the way back we talked again about what to do if we were put in torpor. Warren said to let his sire choose. Logan said to let Payden choose, Paulo said he wanted to wake up naturally and I said that I wanted the same but if they needed me they could wake me up.

Two huge dogs, came into the house followed by Warren who was carrying some sweat pants. The dogs came into the house and went to the entertainment room and turned on some more star trek.  Then one went to kitchen and took a raw roast out of the refrig then went back to the entertainment room. Shade was missing. We searched for her and I tracked her down to Payton room. I warned Eric’s security and told them that she was one of my guests then said good night.  I didn’t want to insist that she come with me because I said she could be there and I didn’t want to tell Eric that he couldn’t be there. I feel as if I failed a both a host and protector but by that time.

I stayed awake during the day and kept watch on the boys, Shade, and well everything. The day went strangely but nothing noteworthy happened.  Eric woke up early and I greeted him. We all gathered in the entertainment room and talked.  It came out that our guests were werewolves and we had an offer of alliance to take care of the situation from 2 of the werewolves that Warren knows.

I was getting ready to take them shopping when I noticed a familiar house address on the news. It was Elizabeth’s house on fire. Warren called Paulo and he needed a pickup. Warren left with Fang and later Paulo came back without either of them.  He headed into the Dojo and started beating the stuffing out of the heavy bag. Carron and Dar went in also and I heard lots of whacking sounds.

We all went into bed early.  The next day we prepared for the fight and called to see how Elizabeth was doing she was stable but hadn’t awakened yet.

10 xp were given for this session.

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