House Rules or I meet Warren’s Sire (Session 7)

7 Shadow Gate Nov 13 2010

House Rules for Ghouls

When you get a ghoul put dots in like Ally. 1 – 3 dots.

1 once per month addicted Redfield

2 once every 2 months in between

3 once every three months and not likely to be addicted

4 Human Servant can only have 1 destroys a will permanently if they die.

We told Eric about our activities and he suggested that we investigate the fight club more. After Eric was done talking to us, Payden entertained Eric with her music. The rest of us adorned to library and talked about the fight club.  I agreed to bankroll everyone and gave them each 1000.

Later, I talked to Payden for a bit, she seemed down. She brought up the point of why did they attack then, why not wait? Are they getting desperate? I really didn’t have any answers for her but it did get me thinking. When were done, I gave her what I gave the others.

It seemed my night for conversations. Warren and I got to talking about the care of the manor and his guests. I would provide a place to stay, breakfast and supper. I would also provide 2 vehicles for their use, to get them to and from classes. If they did exceptionally well, followed the rules and were discreet, I would even throw in a little spending money. They would contribute to the care of the house and follow the rules. Right now, I think we only have two rules, they are to be in their wing after 8 PM unless they make prior arrangements and everyone contributes to the work. If they need something its supposed to go through Warren. The flip side is that if I need something of them I will try and go through Warren.  I asked Warren not to introduce me as the owner. I didn’t want them trying to make moves on me just because I own the place.  I am starting to feel like I am trapped in an Episode of Magnum PI.  Private Eye living in rich guys estate, absent house owner, who may or may not be Higgens the butler.  I have decided that Warrens Ring tone is going to be the magnum PI theme song for now.

Eric and Dar were looking at some of the art work I had acquired. Before he left Eric thanked me for inviting him and I offered him my hospitality. He said that his men would be staying. They were to be Payden’s bodyguard. I made sure that the men he left had what they needed to accomplish their task, access to the security room and a key fob for the gate. I also showed them how the intercom worked then left them to choose a room.

We waited for Warren to finish his business in the east wing, explaining the lay of the land to his girls and also waiting for Payton to join us.  Kareine said that Payden wanted to stay home and that Dar would be staying with her and he would go with us. I tried to give a thousand to him since everyone else had one but he had Payden’s brought to him.

After we got to the M.U. ramp, I called Payden and told her that we were about to go in and that I hoped that she was feeling better.  She said she didn’t have a cold. She just wasn’t feeling like going out.  This set my mind at ease because I was worried that she was being held against her will. I didn’t want to make a scene while the two bodyguards were together but if she needed help well I was ready willing and able to do so.  After all she is a guest in my home. I still don’t fully understand the relation between sire and child but Eric takes his responsibilities very, very, seriously. I almost wish I had accepted the Duke’s offer to have him as my sire but I think Paulo and I suit each other.

We went into the tunnel and up to the door guard. Paulo and I didn’t have to pay to get in because our stamps were still good. Warren and Logan paid and got stamped. Kareine was no where to be seen but he had said that he wouldn’t be, but he would be there if we needed him.  I tried to get the feel for the betting; most of it was about what you would see for the track, nothing above three grand on the floor.  The betting on the upper level was different; higher dollar amount, but some were betting ghouls. I noticed that some of the people that wanted to come up to this tier got turned away.  Warren and I didn’t seem to have a problem.

In the pit, I saw a vampire and a werewolf openly displaying their supernatural powers to mortals and Vampires being executed.

Afterward, we went to the van to recap what we had seen and decide how we wanted to proceed. We decided to come back with some hidden recording equipment.  Paulo asked about getting some more sporty clothes to project an image.  I talked to Logan about the same thing and got him what he wanted.

When we got home, most of us spent some time in the Dojo, then went to bed. Payden asked me to take special care with a package she was getting, so I tracked down Warren and relayed that to him and said I needed to think about getting some sort of major domo because it wasn’t fair to the girls to try and arrange their schedule.  When I got back the monitor room, I notice a blur attacking Payton and I panicked and hit the intruder alert and thus brought to light a glaring hole in my security. The alarm triggered but no one knew where to go or what was going on. I decided to upgrade my program before I turned in for the day. Eventually, I got my house divided into rooms and zones and got the alarms to sound over the intercom with the room or zone. I then ran enough copies off and taped them up next to the tornado and fire plans, next to each intercom.  By the time Warren and the rest were up.

We made plans for the day then Warren and I went off to feed.  We found Paulo standing in the middle of the street in the middle of a dispersing crowd. He told me that he was fighting for a girl he was with, Elizabeth Duncan. Some jerk had insulted her honor and pissed him off.  Paulo said that he would see her home.

Warren and I went to the fight place but no one was there yet. So we went to visit his sire Sona Sondragaard. I didn’t attack her or flee so I win. We decided to have coffee on top of Legends.  Sonya talked of ghouls and their creation. Later, I dropped her and Warren of at her place then called Paulo and Logan and arranged a meeting to go to the fight club, everyone was busy so we set the meeting for the next night.

5 exp awareded.

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