Fight Club Shh we don’t talk about that or Eric Zeveren and Friends (Session 6)

5 ShadowGate Nov 7

After the 2 weeks everyone had settled in and chosen rooms.

Warren got a call from someone about some attack being like the other attack.

After Warren got off the phone, he asked who was available, while everyone was assembling. Warren asked me to advise him on some investments and I was happy to direct him to my accountant.

Warren asked if we wanted to go clubbing and look for a club that uses the symbol that he had uncovered. Warren went to ask his people if they had seen it or knew of it.

When he got back Payden was ready to go. Payden wanted to take the Miatta. I said someone had to ride with her because there were still people out to get her. Warren, Logan, and I went in Warren’s car.  We got to one of the clubs that we wanted to investigate and on the way in we saw someone that may have had the stamp we were looking for on his wrist. We tried to investigate his mark and it did look right. Payton went in trying to get closer and find out where he got the mark.  She sent me off after a drink. I asked the Bartender if she recognized it and she said no. When I turned around, I couldn’t see Payden anymore so I hurried back to where I left her. I noticed a girl there that had a look of disapproval or resignation or both. Something was bothering her but it could wait if I found Payden. Warren and Logan arrived and started a search of their own.

I didn’t see Payden. I talked to the girl she didn’t want to talk at first.  But I concentrated and forced her to talk. She pointed the way and then didn’t seem to want to shut up. I pointed the way to Paulo, who just arrived, and he went down the short hall. When I saw Warren and Logan come back. I went down the hall and walked into a fight.  I commanded one of the fighters to run and he did right into a wall and knocked himself out.  The fight was quickly over and we found some reddish powder in a vial on the leader.  I stripped the one that tried to rape and hurt Payden and threw his clothes in the trash. When we got outside the room, I heard the girl talking to one called Josh, apparently when this gang tried this with her he is the one that saved her. I asked Logan to look at him but he said that he appeared to be human, then he said we had to go. The people that we had fought were heading to the sewer in which Warren saw the Kindred that warned him off.

We heard the leader the one we call Foe-hawk say that “They would let him in, they always do. I lost all my stuff but they will give me more and I will be fine.”

As we got down there we heard someone say, “Jesus Tommy.” And the reply “Aw its good, I will be ready by next round.” It didn’t sound like the same people that we had followed from the bar.  It was coming from the tunnel.

We weren’t sure which way they had headed so, Paulo and I headed to the tunnel and Warren, Payden, and Logan went the other way.

Paulo and I heard sounds of fighting and followed the sounds. We passed someone that looked all beat up. But he stood up and as he walked back but as walked he healed. When we got to the door, there was a hundred dollar cover, I paid for Paulo and myself.  It was some kind of fight club but as we watched two of the combatants shifted into other forms. One of them was some kind of werewolf but the other was some sort of cat thing.

There were kindred there and a host of others.  We looked around for awhile and then went back to report to the others.

We took the vial to Warrens sire and asked her to look into it.

When we got home, there was a black sports car and three men got out. Eric Zeveren was one of them. He introduced Kareine Demos & Dar Krule

5 xp.

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