Elizabeth Duncan or I become a Pimp (Session 8)

It’s a Wednesday, night. Paulo called Elizabeth Duncan. He was having trouble getting a conversation started to I was whispering in his ear what he should say. He seemed a little out of practice.

I saw Payden walking down the hall it didn’t register that I could see her in the monitor.

She stopped by and talked to Paulo shaped blur then came to my sanctum. I had asked her to be my arm candy for the evening at the Fight Club and she wanted to know how she should dress and I said that tonight was a business meeting.  She asked if she should play it dumb or strong. Well, that lost me, and I asked by strong do you mean fighter type or independent. She answered that. So after thinking about it for a while I said, “That.”  I think the opportunities for people to approach her will be greater if they think she has a brain, rather than just wanting her for her body.  She left and got dressed. I reviewed the tapes from the past day. I saw a delivery had arrived and but I figured that we could look at the toys and clothes I had ordered when we got back.

When we got to the fight club they said it wasn’t open yet but when I showed them the card I had been given by Andrew when I arranged this meeting, they let us in but sort of smirked. We heard a woman shouting something and then a body flew through the air across the coliseum area then out into the arena.  She sort of looked like a red headed Madonna, the singer not the church one. More Security tried to turn us away but the card worked its magic again and they asked us to wait.  The red head was introduced to us as Lady M and her hair was indicative of her temper. She agreed to let my fighters into the games and told Andrew to give us the details. We were to be there at 8:30 on Friday. There were also some other considerations. The winners were supposed to be available to perform other services.

We got back and I told the others the further conditions. They seemed to take it well.

Paulo said he had to call the girl because he had to change his date for Friday night. I told him I would arrange everything.  So I arranged for a carriage ride with a dozen roses and a bottle of Dom Perrion. The carriage ride would take them from her house through town to a McDonald’s where they would get into a limousine which would take them to Reimann Gardens where they would have dinner to a pianist, Payden. Then they could decide to go to a movie or end the evening or go somewhere else.

Payden decided to go out and as they were leaving Sonya drove up. Payden went to meet her then suddenly took of running. Sonya was very entertained and seemed to have a good time at my home.

So the day passed and then it was next night, and time for Paulo’s date.

They got into the carriage and had a nice ride through town and then it pulled up to the McDonald’s.  The expression on his face was priceless. Then they got into the limo and drove to Reimann Gardens where dinner and music awaited. The evening went as planned.

Paulo set off the alarm as he came in the morning.  He told me that he offered the driver some incentive to get there.  We went our separate ways and the rest of the day passed quietly.

That evening, I sent appropriate remuneration that Paulo had offered. We all got ready and set out for the Fight Club.

Logan drew first draw and went up against somebody fighting with 2 knives. His opponent was whittling him down.  It was a long drawn out battle but eventually Logan won. Then it was Paulo’s turn as his alias the Crusader, he handily beat the werewolf that was fighting him. During the fight he tossed aside his sword and finished him with his knife.  I was approached by Andrew who said that the Lady was happy with what she has seen and wanted my people to participate in a larger battle they had 2 hours to prepare.  It didn’t sound like we could decline and they both seemed ok.  The Club provided enough blood to be at full and healed.

They went up against an older kindred who fought under the sobriquet of The Calvary- Man. He was very powerful judging by the way he was fighting and healing. He must have been very powerful to do that.  I think he used some mind power to affect Logan.  He seemed to go crazy. Paulo was attacking all out and dropped the Calvary-Man. Logan was attacking Paulo then Paulo attacked Logan and almost dropped him but Logan got in a good blow and Paulo went down in a shower of blood.  Logan started to walk out of the ring but then went back for Paulo and carried him to the room.

I was told that Paulo would be ready for me when I left and that Logan was performing special services. The money would be sent to me later. We made 15,000 from the bets and $400,000 for the special services. I don’t know what they are and I don’t think I want to know.   Payden was so angry she was going to go and stay with Eric and she wanted Logan’s bed burned. So Warren asked the girls that he is letting stay with him, if they wanted to help get revenge on a woman that had been jilted and would they burn the bed that they first made love in. The girls were all for it and soon the bed was merrily burning on the back yard. Sonya showed up two hours later to help Paulo. She asked if I knew that there was something burning and smoking on the back lawn. I said I did and about that time the girls trooped back through. Warren told them where Payton was and they all went out to man bash.

Sonya was able to revive Paulo and we took him out to feed.

Four and a half hours from when the fight was over, Logan walked in the door.  I tried to give him the 400,000 but he said he didn’t want it. I put the money in the safe.

Exp: 10

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