Coming to Terms or Someone is messing with Paulo’s Head (session 5)

I was making notes so I don’t forget anything important as a method of not being overwhelmed by all that’s happening some of the outstanding issues are :
1 Paydens attackers
A Still interested in her?
B.Still in the area.

2 Smilie face with crossed out eyes and sewn up lips and a bullet hole.
A. most recent Jerry Bricen found in Lake La Vern. connected
B. Kid in generator room connected
C. Jacob Forester, Dairy Barn,
D. Tyler Kent cause of death unknown found dead in apartment,

We, everyone but Logan that is , were sitting around talking before we went our separate ways for the night and I learned some new things. I learned some things about Covenants.

I fount out that Warren is nominally in a convenient called the Carthian Movement or Carthian for short.

Paulo said that he was a member of a sub group of something called ordo dracul called the Mystikoi. Because Dracula was cursed that then the curse can be removed. And there fore the hope is that a cure can be found and then they would be human again or at least right with God again.

Lancious Sanctiun – Longinus the roman solider who ran a spear into Christ side.
The spear of destiny believe that they are a tool of God used to remind people what evil is so they cling to God. They are cursed and there for a reason, which is to make people pray to God

Circle of the Crone – worship other gods

Brood of Belia – worship demons tend to be the worst of all and not tolerated by other groups. Tend to not care about Masquerade

Some other terms are:
Masquerade – don’t let people know what we are and that we exist.
Ghoul – a mortal is someone that has been blood addicted to a vampire.
Servants / sometimes
Viniculum the blood addiction.

Our talk switched to movies we liked and Payden said, “Gamers the dorkness rising… you have to watch this movie. If I had been alive when I saw this movie, I would have peeded my pants.” We talked of our sparing and training and even offered to let Payden play with our swords, but she turned us down. Then the talk turned to Logan and Payden and their relationship. Is Logan in love or not. Is Payden in love or even know how she feels.

Paulo opened up and talked about his first love. She was a nun, Leticia and Paulo was a Friar and so couldn’t speak of his love but he loved her from afar. Then the black death came in 1348. It was a curse to the people at that time. God was mad at them. We had different expectations then.
We asked Paulo if he would like to meet her now and he said he doesn’t even know if she is still in existence and he hadn’t really thought about it. She had been turned before him and she went to turn him and when confronted slit his throat and ran. The person that made her run was a vampire who then turned Paulo.
This lead us to an talk about rank some how and the terms Neonate and Encilla came up. I believe that Encilla is a higher rank than Neonate. Neonate seems to be newbie. Generally you are newbie for 50 years… I guess I have that kind of time now.

Payden finally said that she had been assigned to Eric Zeverand by the duke. It turns out that he is the vampire that I accompanied Payden to see. She is not happy but is resigned to this arrangement.

Warren talked about how dangerous our lives are now. We are surrounded by power groups, most of whom want to control or manipulate us in some way. And he has re-thought his stand on us staying together. Payden brought up the point of what are we going to do with the rest of our existence? Do we want to be part of vampire society?

Eventually, our talk died out and we got on with the plans we had made for the evening. We went and looked at one of the crime scenes, the one near the M.U. and got a bite to eat. Logan met us there. Warren showed us a symbol he had uncovered in his investigation, once we were all together, it looked liked some club stamp but none of us recognized it. Paulo, Warren, and I got into one car, and Logan and Payton got into the other. We were to met back at Payden’s house and talk some more. When Logan and Payden finally got back to her house they were all bloody apparently they had been attacked but drove their attackers off. We don’t know if it was some random attack or if they were targeted. Then we noticed that there was movement and sounds of movement all around. And suddenly we heard the sounds of breaking glass. We went to the door and saw someone had staked Payden. Everyone rushed to attack and suddenly someone appeared and then Paulo attacked Logan and torped him. There were two vampires we kept attacking the one with claws and he dropped. I shot the other one and he laughed and disappeared carrying the one with claws. We pulled the stake out of Payden. She and Paulo rushed into the woods. Warren and I yelled at them not to go but they were enraged and ran into the woods. Warren and I brought Logan into the house. Warren started to duct tape himself up and I got some sheets from Logan’s bed and wrapped him up in them. A little later Paulo and Payden walked in and Payden was wearing a new trench coat. Paulo used some duct tape to close his wounds. We threw some stuff into the car and drove to my house. I made a call to somebody for some estimates and then went to find Paulo to ask him why he attacked Logan.

Apparently, I tried to use some mental power on Paulo. I think that when I make eye contact and focus my will and issues a command. I try and dominate someone’s mind.
Paulo wasn’t happy with me but I think he realized that someone was messing with his head and he was even more upset about that.

We saw no more action for a couple weeks and Warren healed and Logan woke up from torpor. Warren, Logan, and Paulo went out for a bite to eat.
I heard Logan say I have some semblance of control as he walked out the door, from what heard later but he had some problems.

6 exp awarded

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