XXXXII & XXXXII Freeing Syn and meeting the Gods

December 5, 2010 Epic Galatea  Dec 19, 2010

I am with the infiltration team for the final battle. We are going to sneak into the castle and take them by surprise. Kestra and her group did not come back but we are going in anyway we can’t wait anymore.

We started running into groups of troops despite all our caution. We found another one of our spies, his name is Jayda. Rowe healed him and Trysten cast a fly spell so he could get back to our lines. We continued on. We only encountered one more group on before we got to the bridge.  We beat them and I asked Ash were the sewer was hiding and he pointed under the bridge. We managed to sneak past the rest of the groups and into the sewers.

Dec 19.

We enter the sewers.

Mean while Kestra tried to escape but was captured almost immediately.

We asked Ash if he knew the way to the prison section. We wandered around the sewers for a while and made our way lower. And lower until we came to the prison section, we eventually crawled through a low pipe that we heard screams coming though. Rowe went first, just in case the hole needed to be made wider.

We found torture chamber and kill the torturers and freed the prisoners. We healed them and questioned them. When we went to leave the torture chamber three guards attacked us. We quickly dispatched them. A forth joined the fray as the third one fell. He charged me and I pinned him to the ground the others mobbed him and he didn’t last long.

We traveled underground came to a hole in the ground with a long ladder leading down eventually we can to a pit with bones on the bottom, a walkway around, and a man’s body floating in mid-air. It was Syn we freed him and head out to find Kestra. We found her just as some ceremony reached its climax. Kestra was there as a captive, and tried to stop it. Vinneas disciplined her then her son Disciplined Vinneas and said “Nobody does that to my mother.”,that’s how we knew it was her son, then blasted him against the wall. Nox appeared and the gods appeared.  A big bolt of lighting appeared and just before it struck Syn appeared next to Kestra and the next thing we know we were a safe distance from the Castle watching it explode.

We met with Sol and she told her attendants to take care of us. We were allowed to arms armor and one item that Syn gave us. (The gm gave us 3 items) and we are now level 30. I can feel the Land being torn apart as the god continues to battle and its getting worse.

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