XXXXI Soul Scramble

I saw Rowe getting his soul scrambled and become exalted angel.  Rowe said his soul was shredded to make room for the divine essence that was poured into him he has lost part of that which makes him human and gained something divine; tt shines brightly through him, his eyes and body seem to glow with an inner fire.  His form is now with out blemish.  Well what I can see of his form is without blemish. I will have to take Trysten’s word about the rest. It’s not really something to give you pleasant dreams.

Kestra and I talked and she sounded sort of strung out or stretched.  She said that Nox had messed with her in a previous life and now he was not done with him in this life.  Kestra’s hair and eyes have changed colors. My hair has changed into a lustrous Green-Brown, and my skin shines and I appear more vibrant.  Rowe came in and didn’t recognize us at first, he commented on the changes in us and Kestra tried to tell us what happened.  She was visited by Sins avatar, which is falling apart because he is cut off from his master. She merged with this avatar and cannot be scried but her eyes are not as blue and her hair is variegated ash and black.  She tried to tell us about what happened two hundred years ago in a previous life. She keeps trying to say it was her fault. I keep trying to tell her she is an idiot.  Someone knocked at the door and said that breakfast would be in about and hour.  I was a little distracted by a swarm of sprites that flew in and made my bed and poured water in my wash basin. Naya look like she had a very relaxing night.

After breakfast we were called to a meeting and in the meeting I was assigned to the scout division in the coming attacks. After the meeting, Valerius asked us to be his seconds or witnesses, I am not sure which but we got to watch him killed a demon single handedly for the chance to impress Naya and to ask her hand in marriage.  I think it has to do with drakkis mating customs, something Cotherin told him he had to do. So he dragged this beast through town and we erected a tent so he could surprise Naya with it.  Valerius proposed to her in the middle of a crowed square. She accepted without even making him fight her for her hand.  The king, her father, married them.


2 years of fighting.. Naya had a child which was conceived 1 year & 4 months after the marriage.  Storms are coming more frequently, in some areas the damage done is permanent.  Sirelia had her child and was back fighting with us but not as frequently.

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