XXXX Healing the Land its all one

I helped heal the land around the battle site and I feel a great longing to heal all the land and help people life in more harmony with it. Everything is connected.

480 pp + 2 Emeralds worth 5K each

We took a portal back to Carn and we greeted by spear tips again. We asked for Max and when he got there he told them to “relax boys, its’ your Frikken Prince.”  He took us to the council chamber. Suulwyn and Sirelia and other were there.

We learned that the fighting as gotten in at a rhythm of: attack, rest, attack, rest. Allied forces have also joined Carn.  They were planning a strike and Rowe could not wait to join them.  Kestra and Prince Attius were discussing the fate of his brother Vinneas. He said that he was willing to remove his brother from power but not torture him, after Kestra made the suggestion to make him a slave before his death.  Valerius put a hand on his brother’s shoulder and he calmed down.

Suulwyn said that Elune was at home and that a celebration was planned.  We were met by Holly, Ash, Spud and a host of other people, all here for the celebration. Suulwyn’s goblins don’t look like normal goblins. They look healthier somehow.  They told us that the feast is underway. Rowe called them Famons for Fey and Deamons. They seemed to like the title.  Elune looks like she is 12 or 13. She screamed, “Dad” and ran to my arms and gave me a big hug as I lifted her up and swung her around.

Rowe asked about his father’s title since he didn’t remember being a prince. Kanderus admitted that he was king of Riall. But the he doesn’t like to be called king.  Rowe, of course immediately made a toast to his father.  Onu and Lelu joined me and they were healed and said they were ready to journey with me again, that is was almost time but they wouldn’t say time for what.

After dinner I took a walk with Onu and Lelu and some other nature sprits.  They looked at me and said the time is now. And they lead me to a grove that normally wasn’t there. Once there, I saw a human shaped figure that I recalled from before: his skin the color of bark and leaves, his hair looked like the embodiment of nature. As he got closer, I couldn’t tell if the figure was male or female and it dawned on me that this was nature the physical embodiment of everything.

He/It kissed me and the bliss of nature filled me. I could hear the plants and the land.

Just before he faded away, he said that I would need my strength for what is to come.

These children will help you.  I could feel nature around but I could also feel the remote pain of nature in Vhaillon. Its all one….

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