XXXIX Traitors must Die

Session 39 Epic Galatea Aug 22

Cotherin, Naya’s Father, came around and thanked us individually.

Naya and Rowe explained the current political situation and what had been going on during his time in the captivity. The council members were greatly wroth but the king kept them from exploding into rage.

Kestra told us her she thinks her son is all grown up and powerful now. Someone killed the dragon quickly in order to save Kestra.  Trysten pulled her into a portal just as the person said “Mo…” and that was all she heard.The Council member’s found a place to change into dragon form and blasted a hole in the wall.  We took off and flew then up ahead we saw massive army. When we landed among the attackers it got really quiet.  Thoradin came embraced the King and openly wept as he hugged his friend.  Cotherin advanced on the defending army with the other elders and as he approached fighting broke out among their ranks as the loyalist realized that they had been duped.

We decided to attack the Arcasians because with them we can tell friend from foe.

The battle went on for hours.  Naya dueled Mardin, her brother and defeated him, as he fell a woman ran from the nearby tower and screaming, “No”, and then a group men, 4 wielders and a bodyguard captured her and disappeared.

Naya threw Mardin over her shoulder after giving him a healing potion and tying him up then she started heading to her father.

After a long night of discussion and examining the evidence we had collected. The King and the council decided the traitors must die.  The king killed his own son and the council killed the other council members in league with him.  Elections were held to replace the positions left vacant on the current council.  The king called in for a council meeting and discussed sending people to re-enforce Carn and its allies.

By GM Fiat we are now level 22

Need to pick an epic destiny.

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