Session XXXVIII The big hole in the floor or who was that?

July 11, 2010

While we were waiting for Trysten and Rowe to finish the rest of us got to talking and remembered that we hadn’t even looked into the big hole in the floor of the dragon’s lair. We argued about whether or not the dragon would be there and eventually decided to go investigate the hole in the floor of the dragon’s den.  We wisely sent Kestra to scout the way and look for traps or hidden creatures. Kestra went stealthy to check out the room. Everything was quiet for a while; the only sounds were of the people around me breathing, trying to remain quiet so as not to alert the dragon of our presence.  Kestra came back and hammered in a spike, tied a rope to it and went back to scout for traps, so much for being quiet I guess.  She came back again and said that she heard someone or something in the pit and couldn’t find any traps.  We eventually lowered 150 hundred feet of rope but it wouldn’t reach.  Tristan flew down and got about ½ way before her flight spell stopped.  Then she had us lower her 50 more feet. She cast flight and they came up out of the pit. Rowe pulled the rope up and we all put our rope away.

We beheld a man with light brown hair, he looked malnourished and it looked like he had been in the pit for a while. He said his name was Ulharej. He said he was in the town and had come up to one of the excavation. A dragon came down from the sky and flew off with people then it turned my way and it was my turn and I ended up in this pit.  He admitted to being Drakis and said he was from the town again. He seemed a little disoriented.

I gave him my daemon bane sword since he was unarmed.  He had decided to go through the portal with us rather than try and get back to town alone.  We debated on whether to go through or not. Kestra looked like she was going to push the guy through the portal and I stopped her and gave her the look. She looked at me in shame and then ran though the portal. Ulharej stepped though after her and the portal closed, leaving the rest of us outside. After talking it over we thought the Ulharej might be the dragon.

Naya and I went back to the room we rested in and started digging in the cave-in.

I turned into a black bear and forgot to warn Naya that I was going to change, but she was ok with that. We went back and saw Rowe doing some spell and Kestra told us that Trysten had died saving her and Rowe was trying to help her get better. Naya and I went back to digging. Kestra came in to watch and saw me in bear form Naya told her I was attacking her but Kestra didn’t believe her. Then Naya said that the Bear ate me and we were getting work out of it. Then she finally broke down and said I was the bear. I told her I had been able to change form for months. That she knew I was a member of the old faith.  Then I went back to digging.  Eventually, we cleaned out the cave-in and uncovered some stairs.

When we got down the stairs it opened up and it looked like an underground city.  Naya said she hadn’t feel a presence like this since … and then she got a far away look in her eye. The city was gigantic. We wandered around fighting bands of troops seeing lots of the abominations with the lens for an eye. Eventually, we ended up at a temple. Rowe and Naya burst open the doors and we were attacked by waves of small goblins.

Kestra and I ignored them and concentrated on the leaders. We maneuvered around the attacking forces and looked behind them to an area containing tanks full of liquid.  We saw someone hastily stuffing things into a satchel. They saw us and tried get away. Kestra went forward and grabbed the satchel. I shot the person three times before he could run off. Kestra shot him and slowed him. She shot again. I heard Naya say not to kill him so I turned into a bear and grappled him holding him until Naya could tell us what to do with him.

Naya took time to investigate the tanks. I don’t know why, but she didn’t look happy by what she saw there. Naya was reading the book and with each page she looked like the knowledge was slowly crushing her.

We walked around and eventually end up in front of a giant crystal. Naya started starting and speaking in draconic.  She looked like she was in some sort of trance. Trysten started waving her hand in front of Naya’s face.  Naya shot out her hand and grabbed Tristen’s hand and lowered it. She then gave Trysten a look.  Shortly after that Naya destroyed the crystal and the light was so bright we couldn’t look. Naya started Floating in mid-air.  Trysten told us to gather up the shattered crystals so they we could preserve some of the evidence and we cobbled something together to power some of the tanks.

More attackers showed up and we noticed some doors that looked like cell doors. We managed to fight our way over and free the prisoners. They turned out to be council members: Frigia, Thorbold and Haken., as well as Naya’s father. He was badly beaten but alive.

3000 xp.

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