Session XXXVII

Sunday Jun 20, 2010 (Fathers Day)

So there we were cowering there in the entrance to the cavern, hoping the Dragon didn’t find us before we could rest and regain the use of our abilities and give us time to heal.

He didn’t find us and so after we had rested, we decided to go explore the areas we hadn’t seen yet. We talked about Dragons for while and then we set out.

We went the way that we had seen some minions earlier. We came to a set of locked doors and Kestra got them unlocked and volunteered to peek in, we didn’t have to back up or take damage so far so good.  I opened the door. We saw the brass dragon statue and a room we hadn’t explored, so we went to explore it. Inside the room was another door and behind the door was an old store room. It contained lots of old boxes, crates and barrels, one of them still had some very, very, very good ale in it.

We went through the weird room with all the starts and opened the door that was there.

Two small statues and a figure of a black giant with glowing eyes awaited us, some bubbling slime was there as well.  Rowe blessed us and sent us into combat telling us not to fear.  I just remember flashes of that combat: fused bodies and faces in stasis in the slime, Kestra attacking but looked dazed at the end, my attacks seeming to do nothing, and everyone getting blasted back over and over again but the creature.

We fought it for a while then Rowe did something there was a flash of light and the statues exploded.  We kept attacking and the black giant finally fell.  During the final furry of blows Naya hit a wall during one of the creature’s final blasts and fell prone.  We thought the fight was over and has started to relax.  Rowe went over to Naya and said started to help her to her feet. From out of nowhere the Bubbling noxious black slime that had lain quiescent attacked Rowe. Kestra tried to help and was also grabbed.  Tristan cast 2 flames spell and it died.  It must have been very vulnerable to flame. The blue dust was still there in front of the ruined portal.  Trysten then cast a ritual that almost killed her and after hours of work got rid of the blue dust. Rowe was then able to repair the ruined portal.

8,000 xp

Holand gave  me enough points to level to level 19. so we would all be close in level again.

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