Session XXXV and XXXVI Exploring Vakosia

April 18, 2010

We headed back to what we believe is an entrance to Vakosia, the lost capital of the empire of the ancients.  We came to the entrance and went inside going clockwise around the circular room to the set of double doors.  Kestra went to the front to try and find traps. And she did find one a tiny hole in the door.  She told us to back up… Then she told us to back up again… then she said I really think you should back up. By that time I was 35 feet away and out of line with the door in case anything came charging out of it. Then it opened with a click and Kestra gestured us inside. As I was passing I heard her say to herself I think that might be the first time I have disabled a major trap with out it going off.

The corridor went out ahead of us there was a set of doors and a set of stairs doing down and off to the right there was a copper statue of a dragon.  It was decided to go to the doors so Kestra went ahead to listen. They were locked with a paddle lock and Kestra came back and told us then went to open the lock. When we got there the lock was broken open so, I guess she succeeded.

I got into the room and looked up and saw a dozen phantoms, from their appearance seemed to have been slaves.  Kestra found a secret door that lead to a tunnel. She tried going through the tunnel then suddenly teleported back. She took off her armor and put it in her sack and then handed the sack to me. After that she was able to glide through the tunnel like an eel. In a bit, she poked her head back out of the secret door and said, “The passage leads to a kitchen, perhaps the slaves used it to sneak food. The ovens are lit. I think it’s in use. Do you want me to search?” I told her to come back since it was in use. Naya said to find a door. We all waited in a heighten state of anticipation, on edge.  I felt something tap me on my shoulder, jumped, and yelled, “aaaaah”.  Kestra had snuck up on me. Rowe told me to stop screaming like a girl since I wasn’t hurt. I forcefully gave Kestra back her stuff back and shot her full of dirty looks. For a moment, I wondered if it actually was Kestra but it felt so much like the old Kestra from before.  The one I spent so long searching for and eventually I shot her a grin as well.  It was nice to have her back or at least trying to get back. We all went down to the kitchens.  Kestra was detailed to open a set of doors while the rest of us looked into the ovens.  The ovens were heated by magic and the doors lead to torture chambers. I don’t really think I would have had the torture chambers right off the kitchen but maybe it wasn’t something to dwell on.  Nothing else seemed to be in this area so we went back to the chamber.

We took time to examine the dragon statue but nothing seemed to be on it except a plaque commemorating its creation. We left the dragon and went down a corridor paralleling the one that lead to the kitchen, took some steps down and found some more locked doors.

There were a set of 6 magical locks that had to be opened in a certain order. Kestra told us to stand back and shortly after she started something exploded and the whole party took damage. It seemed things were back to normal. Kestra told us to move farther back so we all moved back even more.  We moved back and Kestra soon called us forward again and the doors were open.  They lead into a large chamber. It looked like it was some audience chamber of the Dragon Lords or a lair. Gold leaf was still visible on the walls. Four large humanoid shapes awaited us, with and even larger humanoid wearing some sort of bronze death mask behind them, while pale figures swirling around a hole in floor, and up on the highest ledge a golden scaled draconic visage started down at us.

The first two attacks dropped two of our foes, Trysten used her chains of fire and Kestra used her crossbow and one of her most powerful attacks. Naya cried out in pain as if she had been struck by something but nothing was near her. We were all hit by 2 waves of intense cold and took damage. Trysten took another one out with a chaos bolt.  The invisible things that were attacking us seemed to be some sort of specter.  They were tough. We kept knocking the death mask titian back, well the others did, I couldn’t seem to hit the titan in a vulnerable spot.  He was so big it was hard to hit him where it hurt.

We soon killed the 2 specters and were left with only the titian and the dragon that had not yet been about to attack.

Session 36 June 13 2010 (Sunday)

We closed the doors and jammed them with a dagger, then ran back to the entrance and rested. After we had rested we re-entered the cavern system containing the ancient city.

We almost immediate found the Death Titan waiting near the brass dragon.  We all it hit it and soon it was bloodied but then our luck left us we had trouble hurting him.  We eventually whittled it down but it hurt us.  The sheer number of attacked eventually finished it off.  Kestra snuck into the dragon’s room and didn’t see it.   Since the dragon was out, we robbed it blind and fled, to much roaring and loud draconic yells of anger.  Since Naya was there and could translate Dragon I learned some new swear words.

When the dust settled we earned 1,000 PP, 50K GP, a statue carved from astral fire of a gold dragon, a manuscript describing the lost arts of necromancy penned by Anccev 50 K, a Wooden coffer containing 10 emeralds worth 5K each, a loose pile of  coins worth about 90K gp. Rowe claimed some Black Dragon Scale armor +6, he found.  Naya claimed a Jagged (heavy Blade) sword +6.

We all received 15788 xp each.

I end this Journal entry as we rest at the entrance to Vakosia. We will explore more of this complex city soon.

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