Session XXXIVFinding Lost Vakosia

March 28, 2010

We started out fine not knowing that Rowe was having some difficulty.  When we looked back we saw Rowe gasping for breath flat on hid back, looking a little bit like an overturned turtle, rocking on his pack.  I took the time to ask Trysten why we didn’t use the fly speed.  Trysten looked at me and then slogged back to Rowe through the snow.

When she got there she asked Rowe what he had in his Pack, flipped him over and rummaged through his backpack. Ten minutes later, we were flying and quickly got to the area we wanted to search.

Everyone started looking around, I noticed what looked like a giant gopher burrowing under the snow.   We flew higher to avoid the area and kept looking.

Eventually, I spotted something that looked natural but somehow touched by civilization as well. It still took us three hours to get there fighting the winds and trying to breath the thin air.

(Shanks son is named Carroll. Kestra found this out when she passed through Carn to deliver a message to Attius, Bronwyn’s husband.  While there she saw all our old Friends, Valerius, Suulwyn, Sirelia, Rowe’s Father Kanderus and his steward Maxmillion.  The Troops cheered the news of his son.)

We all got letters from those close to us.

Elune talked of her healing skill and mentioned that Lelu and Onu are helping her.

There is shadow approaching and it scares her.

We decided to stop for the night and absorb the contents of our letters. We found a cave out of the wind and settled in for the night. During Kestra’s watch, we were attacked by insect like creatures (Hoard Scarabs) mixed with some Slug like creatures (Swarm tongue Worms).   Kestra ran past all of them and they all attacked them selves trying to get her. I scraped the one that was on me off and moved out of the way of any more falling from the ceiling.  Naya breathed flame and then killed some more.  We worked as a team and quickly finished them off.  Naya took her watch.  Before we all turned in, Naya said she thought we were close to the old capital.  On that note we all turned back in and were not disturbed again that night.

The next day we made our way to the opening we had been heading for, once inside we used a sun rod to brighten up the area and looked around.  It seemed harder to see than it should have been. We noticed the crafting of the room was at an expert level.  We also noticed 2 cloth draped shapes.  Green orbs suddenly came to life behind the cloth as we approached, and finally behind the cloth draped shapes we noticed a set of stairs and a set of double doors.

Rowe suggested Kestra go ahead to try and deactivate the guardian statues.  It didn’t work and the shapes started coming to life. Kestra attacked.  Naya shouted something and moved forward.  Kestra and Naya were both hit and didn’t look so good.  It looked like something more than the damage they took was bothering them.   Once the cloth covres were off the shapes looked more like some sort of Mummy.  I shot three times and only one shot seemed to do anything.  They are easy to hit but hard to hurt it seems.  Rowe said that they are vulnerable to fire.  Then Kestra was hit again.  Rowe used some power and all the mummies started to move and attack him ignoring all the rest.  Naya had been blinded by an attack and took a second wind trying to shake it off.  Suddenly there was an exploding mummy right next to us.  Kestra had used her tornado strike and while it was good for her and bad for us. Naya, Trysten, and I all took a round to shake off the damage. We were down to only 2 mummies now, yea team.  The next thing I know, I had been teleported and was standing next to the mummy.   I quickly backed up but took damage as I got out of range. Kestra dropped and Rowe burst into flames then reappeared, then everyone suddenly looked better.  As I said earlier easy to hit but hard to hurt, eventually drained of most of our abilities, we won the fight.

We had to take three days of rest shaking off the disease the mummies had given us and I used up my last Grave Spawn Potion. We stayed in the little cave from the night before it was starting to feel like home. The good news is we thing we have found an entrance to fabled Vakosia

We all got 4,000 xp.

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