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Dramatis Persona

Bronwyn (GM run) — a wily female human ranger who wields a pair of swords who seeks magic cards, part of her family tradition. She is Rowe’s long-time best friend. Later known as With Witch True heir of Arcasia Descendant of Artien , settled in Xyas Sessions listed only after  NPC Status eventually married Attius (Session 7, 8, 9, 10,11, Point of Consideration, 12,33,34)
Rowe (Dustin) — a huge male human cleric with a heart as big as he is, who isn’t afraid to reforge his enemies with his two massive warhammer. He seeks out a beautiful woman of his dreams (waking and not) that he believes was named Tristen hundreds of years ago and seems willing to do anything, undergo any trial to find her. In the lifetime he last knew Tristen, he was a man named Rowyn.
Lucan (Joel) — a sharp-eyed male elven ranger who specializes in the use of a bow — which he demonstrates to our foes with persistent, devastating effect. He is cousin to Kestra and in a previous life was sister to Liandra. In that life, he was a female named Jara.
Kestra (Ed) — a quick female rogue deadly with dagger or rapier who has unfortunately been captured by slavers. However, she has been reunited with our team for the duration of the Crucible tournament and her freedom promised — should we survive! In a previous life in which she knew her current companions, she was a male named Shivan who held a close friendship “with perks” with a woman named Liandra.
Naya (Ryan) — a tough female drakkis fighter that’s not only tough enough to lead our front lines, but bold enough to claim the crown prince of Arcasia as a boyfriend! In a previous life, Naya was called Hayden, loyal companions (and in love with) the woman named Evayne — the previous incarnation of the crown prince of Arcasia, Valerian!
Suulwyn (Curtis) — A powerful male eladrin wizard who, while fearsome on the battlefield is weak in social battles. This wizard, in an attempt to prove Rowe wrong (the cleric had wondered aloud why the team wanted to charge in and destroy goblins in one scene instead of simply talk with them), opened what he thought would be a failed negotiation with one of the goblins. To his chagrin, it worked out to be wildly successful! This netted him not just a follower, but a goblin who was blessed to become an eladrin paladin who will faithfully follow him anywhere! In a previous life in which he knew the others of his current troupe, he was a wily female rogue named Liandra.

Trysten?? Wielder  member of party found on Star Island living with Hermit after redStar Fall (Session Point of Considreation, 12, 13-join as PC)

Spud/Sirelia who was seemed to be merely a goblin  but who then metamorphosed into this lovely and loyal paladin defender!(Session1, actually named in session 2 … 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,18,20,21,34, 40,41)

Shank – Brought into the party by Spud (Session 3) father to Carroll(Session 34)

Carroll – Shanks son – (Session 34)

Sam –Bartender in Xyas (Session 3)

Tertius ruler of Arcasia – Knighted Rowe’s Father has three sons: Vinneas,Valerius, & Attius) (session 5, Kesetra seeks out Rowe,7, 8)

Vinneas Son of Tertius and brother of Valerius and Attius ,despot king of Vhaillion son of Tertius held Kestra as slave (Session 5,Personal Pain, Rising Above, Kestra Seeks out Rowe,7, 8, 10, 11, Point of consideration, 40,43)

Valerius brother of Vinneas and Attius also son of Tertius also Crown prince of Arcasia (Session 5,6, Rising Above, 8, 9, 10,11, Point of Consideration, 12,13,15,34,40,41)

Attius brother of Valarius and Vinneas and son of Tertius eventually marries Bronwyn (Session 5, 9, 11, Point of Consideration, 12, 34, 40)

Lelu & Onu Children of Nature(The children of nature are descended from Wielders that changed themselves into that “race” to escape persecution) (Session 7, 8, 11, 40)

Kanderus leader of Carn & Rowes father knighted by Tertius charged with enforcing the peace of Riall province that includes Carn (Rising Above, Kestra seeks out Rowe, 7, 8, 9, 12, 34, 40)

Maximillion Kanerus’s Steward.(Session 7, 9, 34, 40)

Asia Cait Sidhe grandmother of children we rescued Gave us Vision of the past.(session 2)

Barol Human leader of small village of Mael in Phondath

Ruby Cousin of Naya met in Carn (Session3) Naya/Ruby Brother disappeared in Donaivesh

Ashard (the elder brother)and Braddox Draccus Borhter’s from Vhailon and owners/runners of The Crucible (Session 3,6)

Githar a githyanki we met in the Crucible (Session 6, 11)

Primya An Aspect of Torn -Goddess of Destiny who posed as High Priestess of Torn(Rising Above, Persona Pain).

Nox – Primary God has been bothering Kestra.(Session 41,43)

Sol – (Session 43)

Tobias –Go to man for Kestra’s old master

Cara – Lower Deamon who told Lucan something about the Deamon Blade( Session 7)

Zora – “Madwoman who helps heal Sirelia (Session 9)

Elune Lightbringer – Baby Saved by Lucan woman from temple of Solaria recognizes her as  a great healer Grew at a very fast pace after Red Star fell(Session 9, 11, 12, 40)

Ren/Syn– Friend of Kestra, Freelance Demi-god Removed a Creature controlling Bronwyn Symnol found on Assasin that tried to kill Rowe (Session 10,11,Point of Consideration, 12,13, 16, 31, 43)

Styx – Bodyguard of Naya (Session 13)

Jacobo Rex – long dead weilder who liked to animate things, Friend of Rowyn, Helped Create Rowe’s Tree Home also Zaynes Blood Stone , Soul Found in Stone and Kept Safe By Naya (Mansion palce of sessions 13,14,15)

Master Soul – Leader of small town taken when Caravan was raided(Session 16)

Aiy – Person who used sleeping poison on People of Caravan to let raiders capture Master Souk (Session 16)

Drent – Person taken with Souk, Toyden, & Mika (Session 16)

Toyden – Person taken with Souk, Drent, & Mika (Session 16)

Mika – Person taken with Souk, Drent, & Toyden (Session 16)

Tomtom Fawning Follwer of Master Souk gave us some information about Raid(Session 16)

Chance – High Daemon rescued from band of Trolls wanted to do to Moonstair – not sure if he as traitor of a Coward He dropped a letter(Session 17, 18)

Kelana Dhoram mayor of moonstair (Session 18,23)

Baron Perenon/ Teig Wolfgar – person letter chance dropped addressed to later betrayed us to our enemies the saved Thoradins town , wqife and son taken by Mardin and son slain  (Sessoin 18, 30,32)

Peril – original messenger for Kelana Dhoram’s letter to Baron Perenon. And unfortunate sobriquet as it turned out (Session 18)

Bax – Dracith only survivor of Baron Perenon’s Son’s Mission. Became our guide through Marsh to Trollwarrens., found dead in session 23 after some drakith took mayors daughter  (Session 18,19,23)

Skulmad the Troll King  King of the Trolls in Trollhaunt warrnes. Said to not be able to die  has red Crystal in place of eye Defeated but not killed the rumor is somehow true.owned Moradin’s Eye for a given value of “owned” (Session 21,23,27)

Rualiss – High elf liaison with Mayor met during battle of moonstar and when they kidnapped mayors daughter – (Session 23)

Drisilith – Dark Elf Female taken prisoner in Skulmad’s cavern – tried to kill Kestra when she tried to get her to surrender in session to be an ambassador for her kind looking for allies to fight the evil high elf’s and again in Fey world (Session 27,28)

King Vard – Famorian King that created Moradins eye and now posses’s SkulMad

Bob the Dracosteed – ok hes not a person or pary member but this is my list so there.(session semi-honorable mention in session 29,31,32)

Thoradin Baron and drakkis friend of Naiya’s father (Session 32,33,39)

Freya Daughter of Thoradin (Session 32,33)

Illdar – Iron Dragon and long time supporter of Naya’s brother. Defeated at Thoradin’s town (Session 32)

Mardin/Moradin at long last Naya’s brother has a name and its only taken 32 sessions ( Session 32,33, 39)

Ulharejan ancient gold dragon whose lair we plundered.(Session 35, 36) Kidnapped Kestra(session 38)

Frigia – concil member held captive, cloned, and eventually freed. (Session 38, 39)

Thorbold – concil member held captive, cloned, and eventually freed. (Session 38, 39)

Haken – concil member held captive, cloned, and eventually freed. (Session 38, 39)

Cotherin – father to Naya and Mardin  King of Vhaillon believed dead but later found alive. (Session ??, 38, 39, 41)

Holly brother to Ash one of Spuds top men umm goblin Femon (Session 40)

Ash brother to Holly one of Spuds top men umm goblin Femon Lead party into sewers. (Session 40, 41, 42,43)

Zayne from Rowe’s vision – Friend and Right hand man of Artien , Placed in a Bloodstone Keyed to Blood of Trystan, Friend of Rowe(Session 3, Rising Above, Session 7, 8, 10, 11, Point of Consideration, 12,15,18)

Tarkis ruler that ruled 200 years ago followers us Snake symbol (Session 2,7)

Leandra & Shivan (Kestra)people from Sulwyn’s Vision of 200 years ago (session 2)

Jara (Lucan) Sister to Leandra From Lucan Vision (session 2)

Trystan Daughter of Gareytha and Illiana High Preistess of Torn Lover of Rowan(Session 2, Rising above,7)

Rowan(Rowe) from Lucan Vision (session 2, Rising Above7)

Rowan tried to save the life of the High Priestess of Torn from Jarvis, Artien’s Nephew

Apprenticed to Gareyth to learn how to be a weilder

Gareyth – Father of Trysten High Lord of Daemons, Friend of and Right hand man of Artien Lived in Captiol City ofr Riall(Session 7)

Illiana – High Daemon High Priestess of Torn Wife of Gareyth and mother of Trystan (Session 7)

Evaine blond woman from Kestra’s vsion (Session 2)

Hayden a human with blue eyes & short dark hair from Naya vision (Session2)

Jarvis someone that killed her father in a vision shown to Rowe by Torn (Session2)

Right Hand man of the then king of Arcasia conqured Carn and slaughtered people in the temple of Torn there (session 6, Rising Above)

Artien King of Arcasia – Friend of Garth And Zayne (Session 7)

Jayda – one of our spies we found as we were trying to infiltrate the castle.healed and sent back home. (

Gloom  – Kestra’s son finally named in session


Alden Aar – Fort Buried During Great War 200 Years Ago – Party Initally thought it was a cave. Lucan met up with party here. He had two Cait Sidhe Children in tow.(session 2)

Mael a small village in Phondath. (session 2)

Xyas Island ?country we went to and Brownwyn grew up in, Neutral in current war Brownwyn as settled here .(session3,Personal Pain, 12,33)

Sam’s Bar a place in Xyas (Session 3, Kestra Seeks out Rowe)

Fiori Netural in Current war (Session 12)

Ozur where the crucible is currently being held. 6000 miles from Carn (Session 3, Rising Above, Kestra seeks out Rowe, 12,32)

Krevlorn Keep (Session 3, 6)

Drooling Drunkard Tavern (Session3)

Arcasia – country (Session 5, Rising above, Kestra Seeks out Rowe, 7)

Riall – Conqured Province, unconquered after Red Star allied with Phondath and Enoere Kanderus made King (Rising Above, 7,12, 40)

Carn Part of Riall, Place where Rowes Father Rules (Session 3, 6, Rising above,Kestra seeks out Rowe, 7, 8, 9,11, 12,15,34, 39, 40)

Temple to Torn ( 3, Rising Above, Personal Pain,Session 7)

Donivesh place where Naya/Ruby’s? Brother disappeared., Conqured by Arcasia(Session 3, 12)

Vhaillon Draccus Country, Conqured by Arcasia(7, 8, 10, 12,33,40)

Enoere, homeland of Fae – attacked & Conquered by Arcasia, Allied with Phondath and Riall against Arcasia after Red Star Fall (Session 7, 8, 12)

Teannyn Conqured by Arcasia  (Session 12)

Lyeum (Session 7, 8, 9, 10, Point of Consideration)

Phondath – Allied with Enoere and Riall after Red Star in current war against Arcasia(Session 12)

Star Island –  (Session 12)

Jacobo’s Mysterious Underground Mansion – Home of Were’s Animated Statues, Sniper and animated Battle wagon, and various Undead (Session 13, 14,15)

TrollHaunt Warrens – Place we were directed to by Primya (Session16,20,21,24,26,27)

SkullMad throne room (Session 27,28)

Moonstair (City Nearest TrollHaunt Warrens) (Session 16,17,18,22,23,24,30)

Cloud Watch Inn (18,23,30)

Bravak – Place Bax said he was going to help Defenses – must be a subsection of Moonstair (Session 19)

MoonStar.TrollHaunt Marsh ( sessions 18,19,20)

Farmhouse near Moonstar – fought a band of  worgs and a troll saved farm family(Session 22)

(ready for Session 26)

Fey World Near Famorian territory got here from SKulmads throne room–  (Session 28)

Famorian Castle (Session 28)

Mannor of Teig Wolfgar the Baron Perenon – Where we returned the heir’s sword and we sold out.(Session 30)

Dungeon in the middle of an enemy encampment in the middle of nowhere (Session 30)

Thoradin’s fortified town – town we headed to after our escape in session 30  (Session 32,33)

Myre – place troops gathered to fight Moradin(session 33)

Vakosia – old capitol of empire we were trying to find (Session 33,38)

Entrance to the old  city (34, 35, 36, 37, 38)

Cave near the entrance to Vakosia – Spent the night before we entered and then three more days after our first battle (Session 34)

Ready for Session 34

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