The Water Front

So we started the new night. I awoke and left my server room and wondered what the night would bring.  I ended up sleeping in server room because it has no windows and is secured with a key card lock, no one is going to walk in on me accidentally.

Warren called and arranged a meet at Droga’s Cantina. The owner is a gaming geek that I know by reputation, Curt Ecckman. He named the bar after one of his characters and it is a wi-fi hot spot. I had been to a couple of LAN parties and magic games there and knew the way well enough. Before I arrived I went hunting and got lucky. I feed then headed for Droga’s and got us a table.

We talked about the areas of the attacks that had popped out of my internet search.

Pablo and I went one way and the others went the other we didn’t really see much.

Some girls looking for a diamond ear ring that she had borrowed from her mom without her mom knowing. We helped them find it and kept looking for some clue as to where we might find the Gangrel that attacked Payden. The next we found were some boys shooting up in an ally, really normal things for the area but not that for which we were looking.

The rest of the group found a more substantial drug deal and they called the cops. It turns out it was some unfinished business of Warren’s. We left the area and went back to my place, on the way I learned about coteries and that I needed to arrange a meeting with the duke to be presented to the kindred of the city.

Payden said that her Mom was seneschal and her father was the guardian of the queen of Belfast.

I was showing Payton around and when I said the magic words, Jacuzzi, and she stripped off her clothes and started running the water. She asked if I minded and I said no that’s what its there for and I just sort of stopped and froze. Then Warren walked by and asked where the towels were I just pointed and said there.  I forgot to mention the towel warmer. I did say there were oils and bath stuff. Warren went and joined her I saw his clothes fall to the floor. I was still sort of rooted to the spot. Logan went by and Warren came out and hit me like a missile. Well, Warren went berserk and started beating on Logan. Payton came out in my bath robe and tried to get them to stop. I was trying to get them to stop, but Warren wasn’t having any of it. They started Wrestling and I tried to help but I couldn’t get a grip I think some of the bath oil might have gotten on Warren. Paulo came and grabbed him told Logan to get out.  Payden left followed by Logan. I heard Paulo trying to calm Warren down. Next thing I know Warren left. I called after him that if he needed me… but he just walked out. I would say stormed out but it was too slow almost majestic.  I gathered Payton clothes and brought them to her. Logan was with her.  I told them Warren left. I said, “I would say he stormed out but it was just too slow and majestic.” After I said that they just stared at me for a second, then asked me if I had any movies.  I made some popcorn but I am not sure if we can eat it. I drizzled some blood on it that I squeezed from a steak so we will see.  We ended up going to Wal-mart.

Coincidently Warren was there we said hello but that was about it. We got the things we needed and went back home and started making my home safer for our kind. Soon we were busy painting windows black and covering them with plastic bags.  I slept in the server room again. I just feel safer there.

I asked Logan how to be introduced to Court because I was told I had to be presented if I wanted to stay in the city. Logan said that he would try and make that happen and contact those that needed to be informed. He told me that I have a meeting with the Duke for 11. I am to be dressed sharp and punctual. I will be presented with Payton. Don’t speak unless spoken too. Be polite. Amanda Burns is the seneschal and I must make it know that I do not have a sire. Logan took my Sedan. Paulo wanted to ride in the van, he said it was more like a carriage. Payton said she would like to drive the Miata. We changed into more party clothes and followed her to her house.

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