Meeting with the Duke

I have a meeting with the Duke tonight. I had the option to be presented with Payton  but chose to go it alone. I don’t want to mess up anything that might be arranged for them. And if I have to leave the city then I guess I will. Payton finally brought the Miata back and changed into her court clothes. I had already put on my best suit and was ready to go.

Payton came down and asked if I were ready to go. I told her that Paolo was going to ask Logan for a ride and we were ready to go. She told me that she likes the Miata and wanted to take it when I asked what vehicle she wanted to ride in to Elysium.

We were going to feed and then go to Elysium but the way we were dressed we couldn’t think of a place to go were we would be unobtrusive.  So we decided to wait until we could change clothes and so we just drove around for a half hour talking.

Once there we when through the whole weapons check thing. We saw an effeminate looking man or a woman surrounded by three women.

I noticed some new faces but we were ready for it and Payton didn’t freak out and I didn’t either.  Payton went over to a man with a Hoodie and a hat and asked who the person was. She was told it was the master of Elysium.

I asked the security guard, who turned out to the be the Sheriff, where the Seneschal could be found. He said she was in a meeting until 10:30 and then she would talk the master of Elysium.  I asked the Sheriff how he should be addressed and he said to call him Sheriff for now, which is how I found out who he was, and I if was around long enough I might find a different name for him.

A tall man approached our table. He said his name was Davis Ash. He had an aristocratic bearing. He asked us about our political leanings.  Then went on to explain, that among, Kindred, our people we have particular ways of facing the long night. He said that there were various philosophies that would help us deal with this long night of our new

existence.  He was called the Primogen, it’s a position appointed by the Duke to be a liaison. He was of the Invictus.  He thanked us for our time.  I saw the Seneschal and hurried over. And asked her what I should know, and told her that I did not know who my sire was.. she said I would need to find someone who would show me the rules. I called Paulo and asked him if he would be kind enough to fill me in.

I went in as some other young vampires were leaving. I saw the duke and an 18 year old man and a 20 something looking woman both armed so I think they were body guards. The duke looked middle age with short hair.

He told me that normally I would be killed for the crime of flouting the Dukes rules. I said that I wish I had known that before I asked for this meeting, which almost got a smile from one of the guards. I told him that I had asked someone to explain the rules to me and help me adjust to this new life. I told him it was Paulo de Selerno. Paulo was brought and the duke made sure he knew what was on the line. I was told that mistakes that I had made for reflect on my sponsor. If we made mistakes we are encouraged to “for God’s sake cover them up” because if the duke has to get involved his solution is to get rid of the source of the trouble. We were then invited to leave and make way for the next appointment. And it was Payton’s turn.

She was in there a short while and then she so important she got escorted out by both guards. She handed me her ticket. I told Paulo she must be important she got escorted out. Paulo said that being escorted out of the Dukes presence was never a good sign. I got her purse and went to get the Miata. Payton immediately left the premises and started walking.  I followed her and eventually caught up to her. I pulled up along side her and said hey good look asked her if she wanted to drive. She got an unholy gleam in her eye and said sure. I held the door for her then ran and got in. She asked where I waned to go and I said that I didn’t care I just thought she needed to blow off steam.

We drove around for a while until we found a place called the Bulls Eye Marksman’s Club.  We shot for a while and then Payton switched to knives and suddenly the people helping us were a lot more respectful. I called Paulo to tell them where we were and that we are alright and that Payton was calming down.  Payton apologized for the way the night turned out. I said it was ok and the we all had nights like that. Then music came on from the musical Chicago and it really seemed to lift her mood so we went and bought some movies to watch. Payton had a quick shower after we got home and then Paulo, Payton and I watched Chicago for a while then went to bed.

So the day passed and we rose the next night. We asked about plans and tried to decide what to do. I learned how to make myself more alive. Its’ called the blush of life. I suggested that we call Warren and did so while Payton got ready for the night. Warren said that he wanted to show us something and we agreed to meet on top of the MU ramp.

Payton left and said something about racing me but I got there first apparently she took a wrong turn and ran into road construction.  Warren showed us a picture of a crude smile face. Logan said for some reason it reminded him of the smile face murders. I did a quick search and found some basic stuff. They suspect a gang and this face looks different than those. So it may be related or it could be copycat or something totally different.

We searched on the internet and found some more clues. Jacob Forester, Dairy Barn,

Tyler Kent cause of death unknown found dead in apartment, most recent Jerry Bricen found in Lake La Vern.

Warren tried to call one of his friends on the force and it was his night off. He said he would get back to him. I said I would go with Payton to her meeting while Warren and Logan talked I gave my keys to Paulo who game them to Logan. Payton and I headed off to the club. Payton squealed out and gunned it down the ramp. We got to the club ok and Payton went to her meeting. I went to hang out at the bar but Payton grabbed my wrist and we went to the dance floor. We danced for a while and then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the vampire I saw here the other night. He seemed even scarier up close. I made sure it was ok with Payton and then I went to the bar. They talked for hours and then we went home. Payton took a Jacuzzi. Logan asked if she was home and I said yes. Paulo and I sparred some in the garage. The night passed with nothing unusually happening.

I woke up the next morning and Paulo asked if I wanted to go with him and Warren to investigate some missing people. I said yes and left a note for Payton.

5 exp. For this night.

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