The hunt for Payton Creeley

Sept 18, 2010

I was sitting at home. I am still not accustomed to this new life. The phone rang and it was Warren. He asked me to come over and help him out. He was worried that something he was involved in might lead to blood and he was worried that he would freak out.  I felt that I owed him for all his help and talking to me and to tell you the truth I was lonely, so I hopped into my car and drove over to the address in his business card.

I got there and saw another of my new relations but it didn’t really affect me. I stopped the car and told them to get in.  Warren said they were looking for the party barn on the edge of Ames and as luck would have it I knew right away what he was talking about and we drove right there.  When we got there we noticed a compact car.  It was a cold night and the hood of the car was cold so it had been there a while. I saw some tracks in the ground that were from a small man or a woman since it came from the drivers door of the car I was guessing it wasn’t a child but you never know. Warren said he would run the plates later but he didn’t want to use a favor if he didn’t have to do so. We went into the barn and I turned on the lights. Warren found some blood pools on the floor. They had been cleaned up but you could tell where they were just because the area he found the blood specks was so clean.  I looked around but didn’t learn anything more, the others went outside and I turned out the lights and followed.  When I got out there and noticed woman that I felt the urge to attack like some predator that’s guarding its territory. I controlled myself As it turned out she was the woman Warren was looking for.  I really heard nothing they were saying because she was so …so hot. I finally just blurted out. “You’re hot.” And everyone else just sort of stopped what they were doing and stared but well, she was hot. So I just tired to keep quite and figure out what was being said.  Some group attacked her and her guardian, one of my kindred and to keep her “alive” he embraced her into the fold of beings that walk the night. She was looking for them to even the score and make sure it didn’t happen again.

She invited us back to her place to “talk”. Did I mention how hot she was. I tried to talk about it as we were following her and Paulo sort of Gibb’s slapped me on the back of the head and told me to “pay attention.”, in that Italian accent of his.  We drove for awhile and circled around and finally drove to her place.

She let us in and started talking. She said her father had made her guardian for her… I thought it was cool and said so… she also admitted that her parents were both vampires and had been her whole life.  I think I missed the significance of that but Paulo looked troubled. She said the attack might have been to get at her parents. Further she had hurt the vampire that tried to kill her pretty badly and there might be further attacks.

I said I would check the web and see what I could find.

I found some evidence of stuff happening near the docks that seemed to fit the pattern and time frame and told everyone. We put investigating it on our to-do list.

Warren wanted to check with some of his contacts. I took everyone back to his office and went to look for someone to eat.

A meeting was set up at someplace called “the Succubus Club”. It was a place to find our Kindred People.  We came in and were told to check our weapons. Warren had a set of brass knuckles. Payton had like five knives and it was so hot when she started pulling them out. Then she turned and started to enter and took off like a scared rabbit. Warren ran after her but she was going so fast that I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep up. I ran to the car and screeched after them finally catching up.  When I did they both got into the car and we drove back to the succubus club.  I dropped them off and parked when I did and got back to them I met a new friend named Logan. He is Payton guardian. We went back in and set up a meeting for us at 10 with someone from the Gangrel Clan. Then we left and talked about where and who we hunted.

We all agreed to meet at a nearby club so Payton could feed and Warren was looking a little low too, so we got to watch them hunt and drink from the mortals. It was kind of hot. Payton and Warren double teamed one lucky, poor ummm girl.

We left and went our separate ways. Warren, Paulo and I went back to my place and spared with practice swords.  Warren seemed to pick up the basics quick. He said he was more comfortable with his hands and boxing was something he regularly enjoyed.

The next night we hunted and then met up at Payton’s place. Then we all went over to the Succubus Club, and meet with the Gangrel clan leader.

We tried to explain what happened. They said they would call after they investigated. And Paulo gave him my card because he didn’t have one. A few days later we got a message to met again at 9. I picked up Paulo and we drove to Payton’s place on the way I called Warren and told him what we were doing he met us there and we all went to the Succubus Club. They call it Elysium, which is apparently a safe haven and neutral ground no powers can be used. Payton’s attackers were from a group called Belials brood some sort of religious vampire group bent on conquest.

We talked about maybe sleeping in the same place and turning it into a fortress.

I offered to let some of the others sleep at my place.

We got 5XP for this session.

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