The Re-birth of Melvin Alucard

It was about 6PM and I had just gotten home from an assignment and tossed my keys into the interesting dish I picked up at the local flea market. I had settled into my comfy chair and put my feet when the phone rang. “There’s no way Hell I am moving or going out again” I said to myself so I let the answering machine pick up. The call was from Takami, an important client of mine. He sounded desperate and panicked; apparently his Computer Crashed and he had a presentation. Its at times like that I regret being such a nice guy.   He needed me so out I would go, granted it didn’t hurt that he really means  it when he says that he doesn’t care about the cost.. Oh well no rest for the wicked.

There was a convention in town I was to go to booth 512 go to entrance B and someone would let me in. I guessed that his demo presentation thing would mean big bucks for Takami and I was going to get my share.  It was Convention Hell, loud crowded, hard to get around, it wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t there for a job. I finally made my way through the press and found a large man with security on his shirt, big fella, huge he checked his list and surprise I was on it. I managed to get Takami’s computer fixed and his presentation ready by the time he needed it. Since, I was already there I decided to stay and attended some of the presentations. I thought about it earlier but decided I was just to tired and beat down but now that I was here I was getting my second wind.

As I was looking around I saw a short black woman that was dresses like Akasha Queen of the damned, she started hitting on me it felt good I didn’t know why she picked me but I was getting really glad that Takami called me, then things started getting weird a woman that looked like Kate Beckinsale, from underworld when she played Selena also started hitting on me. About then I started looking of the hidden camera, things like that do not happen to me in real life, so I started trying to extract myself from both of them.

In the muddle and confusion a drink was spilled down Akasha front and she took her top off. All thought of leaving fled at least until security came and made her put it back on. “Selena” was back by then and she had handed me a drink and asked me a computer question. I started talking and trying to explain and her eyes only seemed to glaze over a little bit. When I was done I even got some applause from some of the geeks that were standing around. I felt like a god there for a few seconds. Everything was going my way, I was invincible and Selena and I seemed to be hitting it off. We went back to her room to continue the conversation. She had a room in the hotel above the convention hall.

We had a really great talk and really seemed to be connecting. She said Her real name was Irene, but she hated it because it was so mundane. Her father was in Army and was very strict. I asked what she did and she said she was a trust fund baby and did pretty much what she wanted. We were having a good time and she wanted to take it to the next level. We kissed for a bit and but then she wanted to have sex but I demurred.  I mean I didn’t have any protection and you never know what someone else might have. And I didn’t feel any really connection on more than a physical level. We started necking again and suddenly I felt a sharp pain and then ecstasy. I woke up half an hour later and felt really light headed, I feel drugged. I was starting to wonder if Selena/Irene had drugged me. I found a note saying thank you, but I really couldn’t remember doing anything.

Shaking my head I went to the bathroom to clean-up and I discovered that I was covered in blood. What the hell had happened while I was out? I couldn’t find any marks so it had to be her blood but My God what was going on. I looked pale and felt awful. I decided to go home but on the way out I noticed the sheets were covered in blood. I took the sheets but left money to pay for them. I wrapped them in the hotels cheap complimentary garment bag and headed home.

I made it to my car ok but after sitting there for a minute I didn’t feel able to drive so I called a cab. The Cabby asked if I was ok but failed to watch the road and a semi-plowed into us and everything went black, AGAIN

I woke up and hurt and in pain. I was in some sort of bag. I was moving but the sounds seemed muted so I guessed I was in some vehicle.

The Vehicle finally stopped and someone came around back. I moaned and they opened the bag…the felt warm and good and the next thing I knew I was sucking on his blood. I still wasn’t feeling well so I drank more. It was delicious. It was glorious, wonderful better than champagne and sex. I finally realized what I was doing and stopped horrified but it felt so natural. It didn’t feel wrong but I know it was. I had to get out of there. My clothes were a mess so I changed clothes with him and grabbed the bag with my effects and ran home. I tried to close the wounds I left on his throat but didn’t know how. I tried willing them closed but it just wasn’t working. I know its possible though because Selene/Irene closed mine.

So I am a blood drinker some sort of vampire. (venture) I must try and understand what is going on and how I am to survive. I need to find others of my kind someone to teach me.

A couple of weeks later, I met someone else like me. He was a private eye and he gave me his card.  I felt something when I first saw him some sort of struggle for dominance and control of myself I wasn’t sure if I was going to attack him or run but I got control of myself. We talked for a long while about our condition. I had guessed right for some things and he filled me in on others but claimed that he was new also.  He left and I was left with many things to think of…

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