Warren’s Background

Detective Warren Brody
Brody had always intended to be a priest. He was a man of faith and felt that God had called him to a higher purpose. He spent the requisite years in seminary studying and carefully following his chosen path.

But the path was a difficult one. Warren felt the storm of his hormones in the presence of an attractive woman perhaps more than other men, and it was this lust, never acted upon but nevertheless always there, that made him doubt himself. Church counsellors pointed out that he’d never given in to temptation, and to have these urges was only human. But to Warren, it wasn’t enough.

He’d intended to leave the church then and try to make his way through life on his own. However, they talked him into accepting a position as a deacon. Warren became a private detective, and the Catholic Church became his biggest client. If there was a quiet investigation needed, they called on him. He served in this capacity, in the shadows, very well.

Warren Draws the Attention of Sonja Sondergaard
It was in his capacity as an investigator for the Church that Warren came in contact with a corrupt church official. The Church suspected mob connections with a bishop and asked Warren to investigate. What Warren found was that Bishop Steele was in fact dirty. He not only had mob connections, he served as a distribution hub for drugs, child pornography and suspected that Bishop Steele was even behind murder meant to cover his activities. All Warren had to do was get proof. What the Bishop was doing could badly hurt the Church, so he knew he had to be subtle, the evidence certain, and he had to move fast.

Completely unknown to Warren, the corrupt Bishop had drawn the attention of the Damned. In particular, the Kindred of the Lancea Sanctum. The Sanctified believe that they are the scourge of God, cursed yet given the special task of scourging humanity where ever sin was found. Elder vampires had their own reasons for joining the Sanctified. But when the Sanctified wanted to draw new vampire Childer from humanity, they chose the most wicked sinners they could find. They liked to track them down and present them with a choice: Accept the Embrace, or die. They always choose the Embrace.

Sonja Sondergaard, a vampire of Danish origins, has secretly been watching the Lancea Sanctum. Where ever she can without revealing herself as a direct enemy of the Sanctified, she has been acting to stop them. She’s roughed up human contacts and made them turn on the Sanctified, identified candidates for Sanctified “recruitment” and removed them. When the Sanctified make a mess of humanity, she’s the shadowy patron who helps humans pick up the pieces.

Sonja noticed Warren Brody in his investigation of Bishop Steele and recognizes him as the skilled asset he is. Steele is a major player, experienced in the supernatural and well aware of his new Sanctified allies and their intentions. Sonja knows that Warren’s investigation will lead him into a lion’s den of trouble, which she knows he won’t survive. Not once the Sanctified realize there is a threat to their newest candidate for recruitment.

Sonja, too, realizes this whole thing might be bigger than she can manage. There are too many mortals criminals and too many Sanctified in play and she has been forced to operate against the Sanctified in this city alone. She needs Warren, and whether he knows it or not, she knows he needs her if he’s to survive the storm his investigation has stirred up.

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