Session XXXIII

Epic March 7, 2010

I had noticed earlier and it struck me again as I was walking to the stables that while no one here really displays an ostentatious level of wealth, neither does anyone seem in abject poverty, this Baron Thoradin seems to really care about his people and treat them all as family.

We dressed for the feast and went down for the feast. I escorted Trysten. Rowe brought up the topic of Dark Elves and asked if these were a new threat or something he had not yet encounter.

Freya asked me to dance and while I was dancing I saw Kestra dance with one person then try and dance with another and keep running into him. Suddenly he went one way and she went another I was concerned for her and left Freya to see if she were alright.
She was looking flushed when I got there. Then she threw up again. I asked if she were pregnant and she said she didn’t know then she said she wasn’t feeling well and went to her rooms. I escorted her to her room and made sure she was comfortable and then went back to the feast.

When I got back Freya caught my eye but I waved and sat down the feast went well and Eventually people started leaving for their rooms..
I went out to the stables and practiced my wild shape then went to sleep in the hay in full battle dress and ready for combat.

A meeting was held in the morning to discuss actions Baron Thoradin said he could raise enough troops to force Mardin to confront him while a small group would go around and try and get proof or capture Mardin. Rowe was going to cast a ritual that allowed the answer of three questions by a ghostly hand.

1.Does proof exist in Vhaillon that Mardin is a traitor to his people.. The hand indicated that it did and Rowe had map brought in.

2.Please show us on the map where the proof likes. The hand pointed to an area on the map in the mountains and Rowe placed a coin to mark the spot.

3. Where is Mardin now. The hand indicated that he was currently in the capital.

Everyone was busy, getting ready for troops to rally here after once the riders could get back with re-enforcements. Thoradin said that he would march out to delay and meet the second wave then meet us in Myre where all the troops would gather.

We set off for the location on the map that we believe is the capital of the old kingdom of Varkhosia. We rode for a full day and Kestra started to not look so good. The second day it started to rain all day. It took a while but I set up a dry camp and started some stew. Naya and Trysten tried to keep it from burning. Kestra was looking hungry then she turned pale and hurried out of camp.

When she came back Rowe disappeared into his tent and when he came out he said he didn’t have anything to help her stomach. Then Kestra said she thought she was pregnant. Things got pretty depressing and we weren’t sure who the might be the father of the supposed child.

Kestra was going to flip a coin to decide whether she should stay or go and finally decided to control her own destiny and stay. We talked and talked and finally Rowe decided to cast a ritual that would answer the question.

Having ruined the stew three times now, I decided I would have to go hunting again for something fresh and like an omen I saw a deer standing at the edge of camp. I shot and killed it barely looking at it to hit and kill it. Kestra decided in the morning to travel somewhere safe and think about the child. Rowe sent her to the city in Xyas that Bronwen was in.

Xp for everyone3000
Joel gets extra 1000

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