Session XXXII

Epic Feb 28, 2010

We started out in the morning heading south east again. I was in the lead and we had a smooth day of travel. That night we divided the watch up 5 ways and agreed that the person that was on watch was to stay close to Kestra in case she started to disappear again. I was not sure what I was going to do–wake her up or hold on tight and try and go with her.

Naya said that it was her night to change and I asked for the watch that her change was supposed to happen on just in case my new friend, the Draco-steed freaked out. I wanted to be awake so I could keep him calm.

Bob the Draco-steed went off to hunt and Naya went off to change form and I was left alone to contemplate the stars. Naya made the change to her dragon form and when Bob came back, he seemed on edge and curious, eventually he started pacing. I wasn’t sure what was going on in his head so I kept an eye on him in case he attacked Naya. Judging by the soft moans and sounds, Rowe and Trysten were re-affirming their love. The noises made me realize that Bob was also getting amorous, at least judging by his parts. Bob started his courtship dance on Naya and clamped his jaws around her neck. If I hadn’t figured out what was going on I would have thought he was attacking her. She broke free. I went and stood over Kestra to protect her as she woke up. When she understood what was happening, she moved her bedroll back out of the way and when the excitement died down went back to sleep. Rowe and Trysten poked their head out of their tent while Bob was getting frisky, but after Naya turned him down firmly and asserted her dominance they too went back to sleep and Bob went to a corner of the clearing we were in to sulk. The night passed peacefully after that and in the morning we started out again.

We traveled stealthily and quietly for 3 weeks not seeing anyone, waiting for an attack to happen. We finally arrived at our destination, Thoradin’s fortified town. Thoradin was a friend of Naya’s father. It was under siege and looked like it would only last a day or 2 before the town fell. So we decided to fight our way to the main gate. Trysten started off with fire, and then Naya advanced, breathing more fire before attacking. Kestra ran up and knocked a leader type back and then flamed an area. Rowe walked up and stood there. I fired also but only shot regular arrows, no flames. It got rid of a person ahead, helping to clear the way for our advance. More blasts of fire and people attacking followed as we tried to press forward. Two men ran past Rowe and he killed one, a few hits got through our defense but no one was really hurt. We were winning when Baron Wolfgar, the baron that betrayed us led his men in an attack. I noticed that they weren’t attacking us but I couldn’t tell if they were fighting for Thoradin or not. It turns out that they were on Thoradin’s side but as the battle turned our way an Iron dragon swooped down and flamed pretty much everyone in its way friend and foe alike. Everyone scattered and the champions from our side went to attack it or at least slow it down. Our group circled and attacked from the rear so we could surround it. I later learned from Naya that the dragons name was Illdar and he was a long time supporter of her brother. We all attacked and kept the pressure on.

It kept using its breath weapon. I had moved out of range after the first round. I think it hit Kestra once, but she had gone invisible so I am not sure. It used its breath weapon in an area that looked unoccupied so I think it was trying to hit her since she disappeared near there.

Thoradin called to everyone to fall back to the gates but we were on the wrong side so we just fell back, except for Rowe who refused to retreat. Thoradin then turned into a dragon himself and engaged Illidar in single-ish combat. Rowe kept healing Thoradin and tried to give him what support he could and eventually Illidar fell and his head was cut off. I made my way over to Bob and helped him back on his feet. (what had happened to Bob?)

We helped get ready for the next attack since this band wasn’t the only one coming then got ready for the feast. Thoradin called everyone of rank into a council chamber and knocked Wolfgar down. Wolfgar admitted that he had wronged everyone and then explained that he didn’t want to do it but Mardin had managed to capture his wife and son. A deal was struck for him to subdue a group of people (that turned out to be us) but by then it was too late to change his plans. For our escape from Mardin’s troops, the head of his son was delivered to Wolfgar for “his” failure. He does not know where his wife is or what her fate maybe at this time.

We heard from Thoradin that Mardin did have a majority of the council’s approval and was elected king lawfully but that he seems to have changed.

Rowe tried to explain what he thought was going on, but he was so emotional that he could not explain himself well. Thoradin tried to calm him down but it wasn’t working and soon he was close to shouting himself. The meeting seemed to not go anywhere but around and around. From what I could tell of the meeting Baron Thoradin seemed to want us to find the person or persons that were creating the copies (what copies?) or at least how they were copied or the actual creature that did the copying. Going back to Oser was bandied about because that was the only place that we knew where all the principals were together at one time and in one location. The baron’s daughter Freya, seemed willing and even eager to go.

After the meeting I put Bob the Draco-steed in the Draco-steed stables and got ready for the feast.
3000 xp for that session.

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