Session XXXI

Galatea Feb. 07, 2010

We flew about 100 miles and when we finally stopped, Trysten pretty much collapsed.

Rowe quickly set up a tent for her and tucked her inside. Naya set up her own tent while Kestra and I scouted the area and set up some traps to warn us if we had visitors during the night. I noticed that Rowe had done some ritual while we were gone but I couldn’t tell what it was and was too tired to ask. We set up a watch rotation consisting of Rowe, myself, Kestra, and then Naya. I went foraging and found enough food for everyone, when I got back I found that Kestra was gone. I tried to discover where she went but got nothing. I sent Rowe to bed and took my watch, until I was too tired to stay awake. Rowe stuck his head out of this tent and told me to go to bed. I went to Naya and tried to tell her what was going on but I was so tired I couldn’t speak straight.

Eventually, we all got some rest and when we checked on Kestra in the morning and she was back. We had a talk with her and told her that we didn’t think the person she was going away with was the person she thought it was. That was when she showed us a small statuette that she thought had been given to her by Syn. When the group examined it, Trysten was thrown back and her eyes were marked with black for a second. She said that this object was not for her. Trysten, Naya, and Kestra went off in a group to perform some ritual but they didn’t tell Rowe or me what the ritual was supposed to do. Naya came back carrying Trysten; apparently she collapsed doing the ritual. So the group rested some more. When she came too, Tristain said that she knew a powerful spell had been cast on Kestra but she couldn’t tell what it was…. and it looked like a piece of Kestra was missing.

We decided to try and get a half-days travel in so we headed out, as we were traveling the party spotted three Draco-steed riders. We defeated them and managed to capture 2 of their mounts. I calmed one down and Rowe knocked one out. We found 360 platinum pieces on the Riders (so we each got 72) and released the Draken Steeds so they wouldn’t draw attention to us. I had thought that we might try riding on them ourselves but there weren’t enough to carry all of us. Tristain cast Phantom Steed and we traveled the rest of the day without incident and then bedded down for the night keeping the same watches. I want to say that something happened during the fight earlier–we think word got out about our presence. One of the riders used some magic device that freed his soul and sent it somewhere, or at least that’s what we thing it did. That is why we plan on traveling more carefully from here on out.

I woke up as a Draco-steed was curling itself around me. I must have been even more tired than I thought. Rowe was very calm about it he looked over at me and said, “oh good it’s your watch.” Later, I heard Kestra cry out in her sleep and it looked as if she was reaching for a hand. I ran and dove for her but she disappeared. Rowe came over and then said “So he got her again, well I’m tired. I think I go take a dump.” I gave him a strange look but wasn’t his watch and it wasn’t his cousin, so I settled in for my watch. I woke Trysten up to take Kestra’s watch and settled back in to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, Kestra was back again. She told us that we were wrong and that it was Syn after all because he told her so …and she felt in her heart it was true. She did invite us to take what means we needed to assure ourselves that it was Syn.

We got 4000 XP and 360PP and a Draco-Steed whom I shall call Bob. (for those paying attention now you know where the session 29 notes went)

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