Session the Twenty Sixth

Nov 8,2009 Part B.

I went outside for some for some air while the others rested, when I got back I found the others hadn’t in fact rested. They had instead been fighting a female troll smith and a red dragon- spawn that the troll was using to protect her from the fire–pretty smart for a troll.

In other news, Kestra was flung into a burning cesspit and I missed it.

We decided to go out the door to the north from the troll forge. We walked a long way, part of it through a corkscrew like section and got to a new section of the troll warren with some unoccupied stone huts and a stream.

We went down a flight of stairs and spotted a roper and some troglodytes. We attacked the roper with ranged attacks. We all missed, as it was moving toward us we shot again. I hit it with an arterial strike and grayish icor dripped down from it. It finished moving toward us and hit me dragging me forward. It hit Naya and drew her forward and bit her. It seemed to like the way she tasted. I shot it and drove it back a little with my thunder tusk boar strike. Trysten hit it and Rowe did something and it dropped us like hot rocks. It grabbed Trysten and missed Kestra. One of the trogs. tried to hit Trysten with a javelin but she did something and it deflected into the roper. The ichor had stopped dripping by now.

I swam to shore and moved far back and fired. hitting it, once. Rowe hit a trog and dropped it into the water. The roper grabbed me again and its slime made contact with my skin. It hurt me this time and I felt weakened. It bit at Trysten and hurt her. I tried to slip away but it didn’t work. I got impaled over and over again, stupid troglodyte Impalers. Eventually, I hit the roper with a well placed arrow and everyone else hit it and Trysten finished it off and then the Troglodytes ran away before we could cross the stream. The party took and extended rest and healed up our damage.

2625 xp each

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