Session the Twenty Seventh

Nov 22

We entered a huge cavern there were stalactites and stalagmites. It was lit by glowing fungus. Five black iron cages were suspended from the ceiling, inside each was a giant skeleton, its eyes glowing with red sparks.

Kestra and Naya went down the stairs. When they got to the bottom half, they saw an old woman tending mushrooms call out for her sister, telling her that they had company. Brambles grew up and attacked the party, immobilizing us, then the bone trolls climbed out of their cages, flanking Rowe and surrounding Naya and Kestra. Kestra escaped their circle. Naya started beating up on one; she hit it a few times and it exploded. Rowe used his holy symbol and flung the 2 that had him flanked back. I pinned one to the ground and it exploded also.

They attacked Naya and she dropped. Rowe charged down the stairs and cast a heal spell on her, drawing an attack of opportunity as he rushed past one of the bone trolls to get to her aid. Kestra charged and attacked two doing a flying leap to get into the middle. When one dropped it exploded also. It seemed when they hit that they were doing some necrotic damage. I attacked the one that I had already hit, shifted down the stairs and attacked it again where upon it exploded too, luckily the blast missed me. Some of the others weren’t so lucky with the blasts. Trysten cast some fire spell and Trolls started exploding all over the place. I lost sight of Kestra again but then spotted her later up near the old women; she was swinging around like she was blind. I later found out she was in fact blind. Then she turned ghost-like and moved through the trolls’ area. When she left one of the old women looked dazed. Naya drew two trolls close and attacked. I shot and missed. Trysten used some spell that caused acid shackles to appear and it blew up, damaging another bone troll. I dropped the last troll and everyone went after the last hag. She slipped through a door and locked it.

We decided to call them Briar hags since they attacked with Briars and were hag like.

We took a break to explore the room that the other briar hag, came out of and found a Gold torc, a small statue of a dragon, and 2 small pouches containing a lot of gold.

We went into the next chamber through the door the last hag had locked. We had found another key on the body of the previous hag after exploring their room.

It appeared that we found the Troll King’s throne room. Skul-mad was there and he seemed happy to see us, he said something about “Did we understand his power now”, then something about “going to kill us.”, to tell you the truth I was paying more attention to which target I was going to service.

Trysten opened the ball with Chains of fire tying 2 trolls together. Kestra did her famous tornado strike. Naya said she was going to focus on Skul-mad but stopped to attack the nearest troll on her way by. I shot the most damaged troll twice and Trysten cast firestrike and killed it.

Naya did a flame breath attack. Everyone seemed to be attacking Skul-mad.
Rowe started smacking his hammer onto the ground setting up a vibration that disturbed the earth and provided some cover and slowed our enemies. Some arrows started coming in hurting my allies so I looked for better cover, moving forward, I shot another troll dropping it and Trysten hit them with a burning spray and killed it.

Skul-mad did an attack that knocked Naya prone. When she got up, he hit her again then he tried to hit her again but missed, there was blood all over her. Kestra suddenly turned visible and leaped away when Skul-mad tried his sweep attack. It missed Rowe again, boy is he lucky. Kestra attacked but looked decidedly ill and her attacks weren’t hitting for as much. I don’t know if she was poisoned or something else was going on.

Naya fell down, I didn’t know if she is still alive or not. A troll rushed past me to attack Trysten. I shot and dropped it then I hit one of the Drow for massive damage. The Drow ran past me, flanked and attacked Kestra. I shot at another one but missed. Kestra hit it but it didn’t drop. I dropped it and hurt the other one. Kestra offered it a chance to surrender and we both stuck to subdue it. She stabbed Kestra and I think poisoned her again. Kestra struck to subdue and it fell unconscious. I shot and hit Skul-mad with an arterial strike. Rowe was running to get into position. Trysten cast acid shackles on Skul-mad, who tried to get away by climbing the ledge, and he turned to dust.

We questioned the prisoner and searched the place.

XP: 2640

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