Session the Twenty Eighth

Dec. 13,2009 D&D

Skul-mad’s cavern
Our mission remains to retrieve the sword called sun wraith and destroy the stone cauldron. The female dark elf, a Dorw, named Drisilith, claimed to be an ambassador for her kind. They are looking for allies to fight the high-fey, in a quest for vengeance, because the high-fey threw their ancestors out of the fey realm. It seems to me that it was a long time ago, I think some people need to lighten up just a bit but maybe that’s me. I detected some oil on the crossbow bolt tips they use. It seems like it was created from some sort of fungus and it smelled dark and earthy. I think its some sort of knock out potion.

When we searched the cavern I noticed some subtle scratches that seemed strange so we kept pressing on them until we opened a concealed cache of items, including the Sunleaf leather armor (+4) we found that the party is letting me wear.

We sent a message for someone to come and get the Scribe that Skull-mad had kept captive to chronicle his great deeds and exploits.

According to the runes about the teleporter on the wall, one needs either Moradin’s eye, a piece of the stone cauldron, or Fomorian magic to use the teleporter.
Trysten sat on the chair and disappeared, evidently we had found all the triggers. Soon we were in another place, laid out similarly to the place we left but open to the sky. A very nice change for me–I have found I am less than comfortable underground. I don’t know why, it came on me suddenly. Actually as I think of it, it’s not underground, its lack of life or being cut off from the natural world. I am fine when I was around the fungus earlier. I must think on this more.

The chamber had turned into a gorge and against the far wall were three suits of armor.
When Kestra got close, some symbols on the wall behind a chained high elf body began to glow and one of the suits of armor animated. One of them attacked Kestra, then Rowe charged and attacked it, knocking it back. Kestra leapt off the ledge she was on and soon the other statues came to life and they all attacked Kestra.

Rowe yelled to “get the gate open” and rushed to Kestra’s aid. I ran up and it looked like some one had traced the runes on the wall in blood so I dipped my fingers in the blood of the high elf and traced the ruins. Naya went to help Rowe and Kestra hold off the statues.

I glanced up and saw 2 of the statues get knocked back by Kestra. Trysten said it will take a lot more blood since the high elf is dead. I reached down and put more blood on the Runes and an ethereal path way opened up leading through the cliff face. When I turned around I saw that Rowe had set up a blade barrier. As Rowe, went by he said “Well this guy isn’t going to be needing his possessions and handed the ring the high elf had been wearing to Naya, saying its magical–some sort of High Fey ring of passage.

We came to a building and saw a fortress on top of the hill beyond it. Trysten cast a spell and we could all fly for ten hours. I saw something shiny and leaned to look at it. It was a statue with a ruby for an eye, really ugly face, looked like some sort of giant–a Fomorian I think. I pried the ruby out, and then I discovered that I couldn’t fly anymore. Naya flew down and I grabbed onto her and she carried me the rest of the way up to the fortress. We landed in a court yard then flew around to a graffiti covered room. We walked into a map room and determined that we were deep into Fomorian territory. Fomorians are evil giants of arcane power which reside in the fey lands.

We found runes telling about King Vard. Since we have killed Skul-mad twice we now believe that Vard is back The next room we came to was a throne room, or some other noble chamber mostly destroyed by the rifts. Next we entered a chamber that had 9 one eyed giant type creatures. Six of them fell quickly, the last three spear men were much tougher but at last they too fell. At the end of the battle I heard Trysten calling for Rowe, I didn’t see the dark one and she told Row what was wrong. The prisoner had tried to escape after offering to kill Kestra.

Sleeping in the next chamber was a creature that looked like a giant displacer beast. We tried to sneak past but were not quiet enough. Rowe and Kestra rushed it. Trysten moved closer then the creature reacted, then Naya attacked, and last of all I let my arrow fly.

All of a sudden ghost like troll creatures started popping out of the walls and things got messy. I felt so afraid I fainted, in the middle of combat, the next thing I knew Kestra was standing over me and I had this pain in my head. I quickly pulled myself back together and shot the displacer beast twice then Rowe killed it.

That left the 2 Devourers and the ghost trolls. It seems that when the Devourers are hit with fire they turn substantial for a time. They quickly fell and we continued on…

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