Session the Twenty Fourth

Oct. 11, 2009 Session

We got rooms in Cloud Watch inn… at end of 1st day of research. There was a party going on Rowe and Trystan set themselves up outside, actually Rowe carried a pitcher, mugs, two tables and a chair, in one trip. The rest of us found places inside and the celebration went into a higher gear when Kestra bought a round of drinks and started toasting.

Trystan and Rowe seemed to be having a heart to heart outside. I think it’s the first time they have ever had to really talk. Trystan didn’t seem happy when she stormed through the bar. Rowe drained the pitcher and didn’t answer when I asked what he did this time. They headed back to the rooms.

Started to talk shop with some archers hopping to pick up some tips, they were less experienced than I but we had a good talk. Kestra joined us after a while and shortly thereafter the mayor and the high elf we met during the lull in the battle entered the bar and Naya came and got us to join in a conference of war. It seems her daughter may have been kidnapped as leverage before the next attack perhaps to force a surrender.

Trystan tried to scying to locate them while the rest of us searched for more mondaine clues.

We started a search for them. I asked some of patrons of the bar to scout for me and ask at the gates and breach to see if they could find where the Drakith left the city.

One of the patrons said that she had been there all day and had seen the Drakith leave around and hour before noon. No one saw them leave the city.

Naya said she found a broken paddle lock suspected that they had fled that way.

Found Bax the barons surviving man dead with a gladiator style bastard sword through his chest. We found Bax’s flail and a potion of Vitality. So the motive wasn’t robbery and the sword was left in the chest probably as a message to someone.

We told the bartender of the dead body check the other rooms for corpses and then went down in to the sewer. We soon found the Draketh and the battle was on.

Kestra moved forward shot and got a hail of blowgun darts in reply on of which hit her and she said that she was poisoned. Trystan cast some spell and everyone flew literally flew at the enemy. Rowe and Naya were suddenly among the enemy, Naya struck every one. I drove the gladiator that struck Kestra into the sewer using my bore strike.

The first gladiator got out of the Sewer and ducked around the corner. I shot the other gladiator later and Naya knocked him unconscious.

I tried to jump across to the other side slipped and fell face first into the sewer. I got up and used my nimnle strike to shot at the other draceth and missed by a mile. I was not a happy camper at this point.

Trystan used her chains of fire to move the gladiator out of position and of near Naya. Then I killed it. And moved next to the mayors daughter so I could free her.

I got hit with a dart and the poison dazed me. I managed to get the girl to safety and then Tristain dropped the last one.

The Drakith said the troll king would reward them well if they found a way to make the town surrender… All he wants is to re-take his lands, they are his lands you know. He wants this territory, it’s a defensible spot on a well used trade route..

We gave the girl a change to clean up and we cleaned up ourselves then took her to her mother the mayor. Rualiss the High Elf Liason, said we have trouble one of the gates has been destroyed.

1020 Exp.

(Posted on Joel’s behalf)

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