Session the Twenty Fifth

Oct 25 Session

When we got to the gates we saw four drakith in merchant garb. The way they quickly got under cover when they saw us approach and the pile of dead bodies told us that they weren’t really merchants. When we got closer they came out and engaged us in combat. Some charged, some flamed, and one tried to rush me but I was able to weave through the fray and avoided him. Rowe hit the one he attacked so hard that the drakith got lifted off his feet and throw back 10 feet. Naya flamed them a group of them. I think she might have gotten Kestra too, the way she keeps popping in and out of cover it’s hard to keep track of where she is sometimes. There are times I would swear that she turns invisible.

All but the one that tried to hit me, piled on Naya, attacking her and called her a traitor. The one I hit tried to flame Kestra then charged her. But she got away fairly unhurt. I pinned him with my next shot so Kestra could get away. The rest all tried to it Naila again but they seemed to have trouble hitting her, but with all those attacks coming at her they managed to hit her. Then I missed the one I was fighting…twice sigh, I guess I need more practice.

The one I had been attacking rushed me and hit but not hard. Kestra came up behind it in support. The others dropped another one. I stabbed him with an arrow and then shot the other one they were fighting. Kestra motioned me to back off and so I did and Kestra killed him. Everyone pounded on the last one and I managed to drop the last one. We ran to the gate but didn’t see another attack coming yet.

We rested and re-supplied and went back to the troll warren to try and gain access to the fey realm through a portal. On the way there Trystan had a sort of break down, but she wouldn’t tell anyone what was wrong… I think it was about the time that we were talking about why we failed in our previous lives.

Once we got back to the Troll warren we faced a very familiar looking situation. A strong obviously recently re-enforced door and a guard watch post. We decided to stick together this time and so Rowe tried to batter down the door. After a couple of hits Kestra got bored and went around through the guard post again. She did manage to get the door open and we attacked the trolls inside. Trystan’s chains of fire spell actually worked to full effect. We all kept attacking. Naya dropped one and breathed on it to make sure it stayed down. Tristain did her wings of fire spell and flew near enough for them to attack and one dropped.

I started to focus on the Nothic Stalkers and everyone joined me attacking the Stalkers.

Trystan flew back past the troll and it attacked her again taking more damage from her wings. We soon dropped the stalker and everyone started attacking the troll then the last stalker.

We walked back through the old troglodyte lair, then the chieftains quarters.

We passed through a fungus garden of edible luminescent fungus that was living on the Troglodyte dead. So basically they were recycling their dead.

We soon came to a chamber that held four warren trolls. The fight was confusing but here is what I remember of it.

Rowe charged forward and knocked one back into the water. Trystan used Chains of fire to entangle 2 more. Kestra and Naya attacked the troll that was down and hit it again when it stood up. I hit one troll and slowed it then the trolls attacked us. Rowe ran to Trystan’s defense and got hit.

I hit the troll that I had slowed and drove it back. Kestra pulled out a wand of fireball and blasted 2 trolls and one was crisped to ash.

The trolls attacked. Rowe and Kestra but Rowe seemed weak then he healed himself and seemed ok. Rowe yelled back off but only one moved.

Naila flamed almost everyone in the chamber.

One of the Trolls closed with me but had already attacked.

We all attacked it until Rowe prophesied its doom and said it would burn and Trystan burned it and me but I healed quickly.

Xp 1450

(Posted on Joel’s behalf)

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