Session the Twenty Third

Oct 4
While Naya and everyone else went and talked with the Mayor and the High Elf that was directing the defensives, I kept an ear out for the next wave and tried to find out what the Manticore rider had been sowing.

When the next attack came it consisted of bluish Trolls carrying massive mauls, I think that they were Ice Trolls, some sort of Grimlocks, and some Nothic Gazers were with them. Kestrel climbed up a building and then jumped over to the roof of the gate house, eventually reaching the top of the wall. At the start of the fight two of the trolls made breach in the walls and the third went to make another breach with Kestrel following along top of the wall. Someone immobilized the first group of trolls. I shot and missed, then followed Kestrel to help contain the other breach. Magics were being fired all over the place by our friends, and suddenly a grimlock appeared out of nowhere and charged me. I kept missing it and I decided I really needed to focus. I looked over at the first breach and saw that one of the trolls was down and Rowe had dropped the hammer barrier, everyone ran through the wall except Trysten and Suulwin. Then I lost sight of them as I went to find Kestrel.

I heard some fighting and headed toward it. I saw the Ice Troll and slowed it with an arrow. It ignored me and kept attacking Kestrel, she must have really annoyed it, eventually I dropped it and Kestrel cast a fire spell on it and finished it. I am not sure but I think that these trolls are hurt more by fire than normal trolls, which is saying something.

Kestra was hurt and wanted to go find Rowe. I told her to go ahead as I thought I could handle one Nothic Gazer by myself, so she went to see how our friends were doing.
So she went to get healed and I started a duel with the Nothic gazer, it hurt me but eventually I killed it.

Kestra and Sirelia attacked together and dropped the last troll but it got right back up. The ogre kept flailing about with its flail and our group members were getting dropped left and right.

After the fight I tried to block up the walls with their dead, and some rocks that were left from them breaching the wall. There wasn’t much left of the trolls so at best I hoped it would slow them down.

Sirelia started back into the town and noticed some plant like warriors springing from the ground. Suulwin ran beside her and muttered something about Fey Wild and Blight Born as I ran up and unloosed on the largest creature. Suddenly we were surrounded by 6 plant creatures. Sirelia dropped 4 in one swing and Suulwin dropped one. We all ran forward and I missed the last creature. I thought we were doing well when another large one popped up next to us. They attacked and the large one teleported away. Things kept popping up and away and more of the annoying minions attacked. Then the ground started trying to entangle us. Growth was so thick it was difficult to move through it. I think I know what the Manticore rider was sowing now.

Another large one showed up and most of the party became even more entangled. We kept pounding on them but they kept popping up. The large ones kept exploding their seed pods doing a small amount of damage and blinding those affected, eventually they stopped appearing and stillness descended.

The town’s people were grateful and the High Elf Lord presented us with some Dark Leaf Armor that was of better quality than Kestrel or I was wearing. We let Kestra wear it because I am attacked less and no one else uses Leather armor.

The attacks seemed to be over for now but there are still a lot of roaming patrols of nastiness.

We talked to the town leaders and decided to research how Skul-mad is getting around and where his power lies. This turned up the following rumors or facts, we will need to determine which are true if any or all:
* We believe that the jewel that Skul-mad, the current troll king, replaced his eye with is a Fomorian object called Moradin’s Eye and when someone is killed with the eye it returns them from the dead. Skul-mad is alive and out there somewhere plotting revenge and planning his campaign to control this region. We are not sure why his body disappeared perhaps it is a property of the eye or something else Skul-mad owns.

* Skul-mad is rumored to have other objects including something called the Stone Caldron

* We found a Prophesy that says when the troll King returns and the stone caldron has been used 2 times then Vard shall return and rule.

* Skul-mad making alliances with others as the kings of ancient Vardar did.

* We need to do more research on the Trolls of the troll haunt.

Meanwhile the town leaders have said that many people want to leave the town making the defenses of the city even weaker. I can’t really say that I blame the ones that want to leave but I really don’t think it’s a smart idea.

Just east of Troll haunt in Fey wild. Within or close to great warren.

XP 2740 xp apiece

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