Session the Twenty Second

We fought 5 worgs and a large troll. That were trying to enter a burning farm house.
They weren’t much of a challenge using Naya’s brilliant tactics. The family was able to get out of the house and away before it burned.

The family told us of seeing shapes moving through forest edge toward the town. They said that they had waited to long and go cut off from the town and hoped to stay where they were and go unnoticed, but one of the children had gone to play near the forest edge and the worgs picked up its sent and followed him home. After thanking us for saving them they loaded what they had left and faded into the forest.

We advanced toward20the town and when we got there we spotted several places where the outer wall had been breached. As I looked into the undergrowth I spotted a huge force waiting for the second wall to be breached as well.. We approached the town it was by no means surrounded and they let us in through one of the gates. Naya decided to head to the dock where some Kuo Toa and some chules, giant crab like tings, were just coming out of the water. I had just gotten braced to take a shot at them with my bow when suddenly a tentacle made of mud wrapped around most of our party and drew us into the water. It did no damage but it kept disrupting our attacks during the coming melee.
I took a shot while in the water… after that I made sure I climbed out first.
When the last Kuo Toa fell the tentacles disappeared and we could concentrate on the giant crab things.

When the battle was over we saw some aerial attackers lining up to attack the walls so we headed there to rein force the defenders. By the time we got there we found 4 wyverns and a manticore with a rider. The town’s defenses had already been overwhelmed but the walls had not yet been breached. The rider was sowing some thing as he overflew the town I think it was seeds of some sort we will they could have been part of a spell he used to cause roots to come out of the ground and try and entangle us but it they may have had some other purpose we will need to check when things settle down. Kestra and I quickly took him out. The manticore kept attacking me but we all focused on the wyverns and soon they were no more. The manticore kept attacking out of the reach of most in our party I think they may pick up some ranged weapons like Niya did when she had a chance, eventually it fell before out combined assault. Kestra was healed by Rowe for (healing surge + 15) . The manticore kept flying but eventually we killed it. We took a deep breath and head for the next. Breach.

Total XP 2780.

(Posted on Lucain’s behalf)

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