Session the Twenty First

After a short rest, the party noticed that despite the noise they had made earlier, no enemies – troll or otherwise – had began a counter attack or even sent a scouting party. Syrillia, wounded by the previous day’s efforts and suffering from and unknown disease contracted during the battle, went back to the cave entrance with Suulwyn to make their way back to the town and update the townsfolk on the progress . Naya decided that the rest of the party should soldier on. The first set of corridors leading out from their resting place emerged in a troglodyte egg chamber – beyond which was an entire room of troglodytes. After a pitched battle, the group stood victorious. Flush with confidence, they continued deeper into the troll caves searching for evidence of Skulmad, the Troll King.

Instead they encountered a strange troll, alone with what looked like the largest bear they had ever seen. This troll, which they could not understand, moved, jumped, and chanted like a mad man (or mad troll). Oddly deciding to avoid a confrontation, the party took a different path around. If the mad troll saw them, and it must have, it didn’t acknowledge them. Weaving through the caves they came upon him again, and again wisely chose to avoid a confrontation.

The battle that the party had been waiting for came upon them sooner then they had thought. A half dozen large trolls and a couple of their scanner slaves awaited them. The largest was the target of their entire quest, Skulmad. This behemoth sported a red crystal replacing one of his eyes. Naya ordered that attack. The fight was long and hard but through persistance and valor the party triumphed, but it was an empty victory. With his dying words, the Troll King grinned and boasted that his plans were already in motion, the townsfolk were doomed, and with a foreboding laugh his body disappeared leaving but dust…elsewhere it seemed the Troll King still lived.

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