Session the Twentieth

The party continued through the swamp leading inevitably toward the realm of the Troll King. Suulwyn noted that this area had many old ruins, many of which would likely be occupied. However, the path the party took avoided these. Taking command at Rowe’s suggestion, Naya blazed through the difficult swamp with Lucien guiding and everyone from Trystan to Syrrillia helping as they could.

With night approaching, the party scouts Lucian and Kestra noticed several bright lights floating in the swamp. Soon, the rest of the party noticed this and Suulwyn suggested that they were perhaps will-o-wisps. But it was too late. Their charming natural beauty drew off party member after party member, leading them inevitably to a trap when tentacled creatures erupted out of the swamp attacking the party fairly unawares. After a tenacious fight, wherein Suulwyn was nearly lost after being grabbed suddenly by one of these things, the party prevailed. The assailants slid mortally wounded beneath the swamp and the remaining wisps fled into the darkness.

The party continued for a short time before resting. The next day they arrived at an old gateway near the bank of a rushing stream gated by stone columns. Guarding the approach was a murderhole. After consideration, Kestra volunteered to sneak up to the hole and teleport inside, surprising the guard. The plan failed initially. The creature, a troglodyte, had senses that the elf couldn’t hide from. As it raised the alarm, she teleported in anyway and tried to silence it. Meanwhile, the rest of the party rushed the door, eventually breaching it when Rowe broke it from its hinges. Inside, Kestra spotted four trolls and several troglodytes. Acting quickly, Suulwyn cut the trolls off with a wall of fire, allowing Kestra to come around and report the numbers and layout to Naya who ordered that the party move around to the guardsman’s passage for a better tactical position. Working together, the party, most especially Trystan’s magic (chaos attacks and carrying Suulwyn high enough on sorcerer’s wings to see and attack), Suulwyn’s stinking cloud, and Rowe’s immunity to fire allowing him to engage along the wall, won the encounter, with only a few troglodytes escaping across the river, knocking the tree trunk bridge aside behind them.

Using a variety of methods, the party crossed the stream and pursued the escaping enemies. After a short rest, they continued a short way before encountering a single guard guarding a doorway and perhaps other open spaces. The party couldn’t tell for sure. Spotted, Naya signaled the attack and starting with Trystan and Kestra, they one-by-one engaged the enemies, who grew in number at this critical corner. One set of enemies, each with a single potent eye, routinely dazed the party drawing out the length of the battle. At the forefront was Syrillia who caught the brunt of the attacks, but never fell. Slowly the enemies dropped from Rowe’s strikes, Trystan’s chaos bolts, Lucian’s arrows, Suulwyn’s magic (including his floating magic sword), and more. Kestra, seeing an opening, leaped beyond the fray and engaged a troglodyte shaman who was bolstering his side like Rowe did for the party. The damage was less important then the opening afforded Naya, who surged through, striking foes left and right until she plunged her blade into the shaman, forcing him to flee. Soon, with losses mounting, the shaman ordered a retreat; but soon after he fell to the party’s coordinated efforts – immobilizing him with fear and cutting him down with magic, arrows and blades. Three enemy soldiers fled out one door, shutting it behind them as the party tried to catch their breath…

XP: 2850

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