Session the Eighteenth

We go into the town to deliver the letter that Chance was to have delivered. Kelana Dhoram is the mayor and her letter was to be sent to Baron Perenon.

There we found Sulwyn, Syrelia, and Zayne. He escaped and they had defeated the undead woman who had enslaved Sulwyn.

Now reunited, we went to Mayor Kelana and told her what happened. It turns out that Chance was not her messenger — it was Peril (an unfortunate name indeed for a courier). Rowe volunteered their services to help the town and the Mayor gave us a script. The town would outfit their defenders.

After outfitting, we visited the Cloud Watch inn to speak with the Drakith survivor of the last mission the noble’s son made. Bax was found there. He was depressed about his friends’ demise but we convinced him to guide us out into the marsh.

On the way we were attacked by giant snakes and bog hags. But we were victorious! Except Rowe the Lucky got the poop pounded out of him again. But other than that, we win!

XP: 4020

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